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The Marshlands (大湿原?) is an area playable in Chapter 3-1 of Resident Evil 5, is a collection of small islands inhabited by the Ndipaya tribe. After being forced from their holy grounds, they began to migrate to the dense, crocodile infested waters of the marshes. Although they were able to slowly evolve past their primitive tribal ways, their exposure to the Type 3 Plagas by Tricell led them to revert to their old ways in a psychotic frenzy.


Map of the Marshlands

After Chris and Sheva defeat Ndesu, they find an airboat and journey into the Marshlands in order to reach the Oil field. There, they must find the four parts of the key scattered amongst the islands, which open the main gate. They encounter numerous enemies including: the Ndipaya, Giant Majini and crocodiles.

It is assumed that after the Ndipaya are eliminated, the Marshlands are never populated again.


While in this area, the player has access to the Air boat

From where the player begins, looking out to structure with the wires, there is a B.S.A.A. Emblem far in the distance. In the first area, there is the Beast slate, a Beetle (Brown) on a tree, and a Ruby (Pear) stuck in an animal skull that can be broken. Using the "Examine" prompt near the BSAA corpse bring up the Schedule Report file. Besides this area, there are six more places the player can stop at in this map, with one being marked for player.

In the marked area of the map, there is the Slate map (only if the player haven't collected all the slates on their own accord already). Picking it up will trigger a Checkpoint and mark the rest of the locations on their map. There is nothing else on this island besides the exit door the player must insert the slate into. Every time the player inserts a slate, a Checkpoint will be saved.

Optional areas[]

There are areas the player can go to where there are no slates and are not required to go to. An island in the center of the map has many chickens walking on it which may lay Eggs. On the island, there are two Egg (White)s, a Beetle (Brown), and a Chalice (Silver) in a chest in the hut, and a BSAA Emblem under the hut which can be seen when standing at the dock.

In the northwest region there is a half-sunken shipped the player can stop at marked by only a dot on the map. On the ship, there is a Beetle (Brown), and a Rocket launcher in a chest.

In the northwest corner, there is one more extra island the player can stop at. Here, there is a BSAA Emblem on the ceiling of the first roof the player walks under, a Chalice (Silver) in a chest, and a Beetle (Brown) the player can reach when standing center body of water. Also in this water, are Nile Perch.

Slate areas[]

Stopping at any of the following areas will trigger a Checkpoint, and then obtaining the slate and returning the boat will trigger another.

The northeast stop is where the Shaman slate will be. At the alter like decorated area, this is a Emerald (Pear) inside of an animal skull that can be broken and the HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT file the player can read using the "Read document" prompt near here. In the village like area ahead, there is a Ruby (Pear) in another animal skull, and a chicken. At the end of the area, there are two places the player can use the Assist Jump prompt. The left one leads Sheva to a chest with the Idol (Silver), and the right one leads to a chest with the Shaman slate. After taking the slate, a short scene will play where many Wetlands Majini storm the island and attack the player. One of the Majini can sprout into a Duvalia.

After leaving this area, Majini with arrows and bombs will be stationed at the wooden platforms and will attempt to attack the player. There is a Beetle (Brown) on one of the poles in the area.

At the eastern area, the player must travel through shallow water that contain many Alligators. There is a ladder at the other end that progresses to the slate. However, in the water area there are Nile Perch, a Beetle (Brown) on a tree in the left area, and a Ruby (Pear) near the ladder. After climbing the ladder, there will be four Majini in the first building waiting to ambush the player. In this building, there is a Herb (Red) and an Egg (White). At the second hut, there is one Majini waiting near the window to attack. In the hut, the Raptor slate is inside the chest. Leaving this area will cause some Majini to spawn on the wood platforms near the island with bows and bombs.

In the southwest area, before getting off the boat, at the first outposts there is a box of 30 Machine gun ammo, and 10 Handgun ammo on the other side. At the second wooden wall, there is 10 Handgun ammo on one side and 5 Rifle ammo on the other. In the bottom left corner there is a Herb (Green), and a Beetle (Brown) on a tree on the right of the island the player can stop at.

On the island itself, there is a Herb (Green) in the open near a chest, and in the chest is an Idol (Silver). Approaching either of the northern huts will trigger a scene where many Majini jump out from the water to ambush the player. The Warrior slate is a in chest. AS the player leaves the area in the boat, a scene will play where the area becomes blocked off and many Majini with bows and bombs will start attacking. They must be defeated to make the blockade go down. In the narrow path out, there will be more Majini in the water.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The door on the first island Investigate It's shut tightly, Don't think we can open it.
The lit fireplace in the northeast area Investigate It's still hot... What was it being used for, I wonder?
The unlit fireplace in the northeast area Investigate It's cold. Probably hasn't been used recently.
The door to the Village (Uncompleted) Investigate Looks like something will fit in here...
The door to the Village (Completed) The door has been opened.



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