The Killer7 (キラー7 kirā-sebun?) is a semi-automatic Magnum featured in Resident Evil 4.


This weapon can be purchased in the main game for 77,700₧ from the Merchant. It is available after you meet the merchant at The Island for the first time during Chapter 5-1. The Killer7 takes up 8 spaces (4x2) in the inventory and uses the scarce Magnum Ammo.

The Killer7's default firepower is 25.0, which gives players an already powerful weapon that requires fewer upgrades.

The gun's main attribute is its good aiming stability; enabling players to target faster, and makes long range shooting much easier.

A fully upgraded Killer7 has a firepower of 35.0, a reload speed of 0.93, and a capacity of 14 rounds. It is the only weapon without an exclusive upgrade among weapons which can be upgraded.

This gun is a cheaper alternative to having a powerful magnum rather than using 455,000 pesetas to fully upgrade the Broken Butterfly, which has a base firepower of 13.0 but can also be acquired for free.

The main differences between the two magnums is that the Broken Butterfly is acquired earlier and offers sheer firepower at 50.0 with the exclusive upgrade; while the Killer7 has a faster reload, a bigger capacity, and better aiming stability. It should be noted that the Broken Butterfly's exclusive is not made available until almost right before the end of the game – following the fight against U-3 and just prior to the fight with Krauser – and is only stronger with the exclusive upgrade. Without the exclusive upgrade the Broken Butterfly comes in at 28, while an unupgraded Killer 7 comes in at 25. Due to the fact it is cheaper, some players have forgone the Broken Butterfly in favor of an unupgraded Killer 7.

The Killer7 appears in the Mercenaries minigame in Albert Wesker's load-out. It has a firepower of 30.0, a reload speed of 1.53, and a capacity of 10.

Tune up chart

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

It takes a total of 337,700₧ to buy and fully upgrade.

Level Firing Power Cost Firing Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 25.0 N/A 0.70 N/A 1.83 N/A 7 N/A
2 30.0 62,000₧ N/A N/A 1.53 20,000₧ 10 30,000₧
3 35.0 78,000₧ N/A N/A 0.93 30,000₧ 14 40,000₧


  • Examine Description:
"A very stable yet powerful .45 magnum."


The Killer7 is an excellent weapon for taking on the tougher enemies and mini-bosses as the ammunition becomes more common towards the end of the game.

In the Mercenaries, Wesker with the Killer7 can easily dispatch bosses like Giant Chainsaw Man, the Chainsaw Sister, and the Garradors.

The Killer7 is best used on a new game file where it isn't immediately outclassed by the exclusive Broken Butterfly or the Handcannon. Players that prefer to use the more expensive weapons, such as the Blacktail, Riot Gun and the TMP, may find the Killer7 a more viable of an option than the Broken Butterfly due to the significant difference in peseta costs. It's enough so that they may find playing the Shooting Gallery game for the extra pesetas it offers completely unnecessary.

Since the Killer7 isn't available until later in the game, you will have more opportunities to exploit capacity upgrades at a time where magnums will be put more use. In the NTSC Gamecube versions, at 30.0 power, 5 of its initial 7 shots can take down a Regenerador, leaving you 2 to do with as you please. For all later versions, it will take all 7 shots plus one incendiary grenade, which you can pick up right before entering the operating room. Without the incendiary, it would take 8 shots. It would be best used on the first one you encounter, so you can easily and quickly get its peseta drop without having to expend any additional ammo or backtrack with the infrared scope. The next 10 can be used on U-3. Against U-3, the Broken Butterfly would have 12 shots at 28.0 power, which actually deals less damage than the Killer7's 35.0 at 10 shots. After that battle, you can refill once again with the final 14 capacity upgrade.

Players interested in using the Killer7 over the Broken Butterfly will have to find ways to get by without an upgraded magnum until they reach the island. One can opt to use the free Broken Butterfly and keep it unupgraded until then. Or you can forgo it all together and save all the magnum ammo you pick up. You can somewhat make up for the lack of a magnum with clever usage of the rifles, shotguns and the TMP during boss battles. Both rifles will match/exceed the unupgraded Broken Butterfly's power by chapter 4-3. Particularly the Bolt-Action Rifle will have its exclusive, putting it at 30.0 power in non-GC versions. Additionally, usage of the free Rocket Launcher as well as purchasing any extra can make up for areas where the magnum would have been used.

Further Notes

  • The name "Killer7" is a reference to the then-upcoming cult-classic of the same name, which Shinji Mikami produced. The character Kaede Smith has an AMT Hardballer that looks similar to the Killer7 magnum.
    • Also note that the "Killer7" engraving on the magnum's slide is exactly the same as the Killer7 game's logo.
  • The Magnum held by Wesker in the Mercenaries game menu has a different finish than the in-game model, and also has tan-colored grips.
  • In comparison to the free Broken Butterfly, the difference comes out to 117,300₧ saved if you buy and upgrade this weapon instead. Considering that, the Killer7 has better handling and statistics than the Broken Butterfly everywhere other than firing speed where it's equal and firepower.
  • The Killer7 maxes out its stats before the Broken Butterfly does. By the time the Broken Butterfly hits 28.0 power, the Killer7 hits 35.0 power, which happens right before the battle against U-3. When you get the exclusive on the Broken Butterfly, you really only have Saddler left to use it on, since Krauser is better dispatched by the Knife.


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