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The Killer7 is a magnum featured in Resident Evil 4.

Real Steel Equivalent

Also see: Colt M1911

The Killer7 is based on the AMT Hardballer Longslide which is a clone of the Colt M1911[1][2]

Killer 7

Here, we can see "Colt-esque" writing on the right side of the slide, one of the original manufactures of the pistol.

The grip safety, backstrap, lanyard loop, safety lever, and hammer are all that of the original M1911 design. This is in fashion with the game, as most weapons are either late 20th century weapons or weapons from the turn of the 19th century. The Red9, Broken Butterfly, Rifle (RE4) and Chicago Typewriter all hearken from pre-World War II and it would only make sense that the Killer 7 would, as well. However, there are two inconsistencies: the sights have been removed entirely from the handgun and it features a skeletal trigger.

Although the 1911 can be found chambered in 9x19mm, .38 super, 10mm, .45ACP, and .50 GI. It is depicted as ".45 magnum" in game, even though in proper firearms terminology it would be called a .45 ACP 1911, as .45 magnum is more or less a necked up revolver cartridge. However the gun is of magnum power so .45 ACP isn't an appropriate caliber description for the Killer 7

In Resident Evil 4

This semi-automatic magnum can be purchased for 77,700 pesetas from the Merchant. It takes up 8 spaces (4x2) of Leon's inventory. The Killer7 costs 337,700 pesetas to fully upgrade. It is available after you meet the merchant at the island for the first time.

With a base firepower of 25.0, this gun is a much cheaper alternative to having a powerful magnum, rather than using hundreds of thousands of pesetas for upgrades on the Broken Butterfly, which has a base firepower of 13.0, but can also be acquired for free. However, it is one of the few weapons that lacks an exclusive upgrade, being stuck at 35.0 firepower, where the Broken Butterfly can eventually be taken up to 50.0 firepower.

Fully upgraded, the Killer 7 has a bigger magazine (by seven rounds, doubling the capacity) and a much faster reload speed than the Butterfly and the difference between the two magnums is mainly that one offers sheer power, and the other more balanced stats. It has better stability in aiming and has a higher ammunition capacity than the Broken Butterfly

The Killer 7 is an excellent weapon for taking on the tougher enemies and mini-bosses in Resident Evil 4, ammunition becoming more common towards the end of the game.

Upgrade Chart

  • Cost is in parenthesis
  |Level| Firepower       | Firing Speed  | Reload Speed  | Capacity      | 
  |     |                 |               |               |               | 
  |  1  | 25.0            | 0.70          | 1.83          | 7             | 
  |  2  | 30.0 (62,000)   |       -       | 1.53 (20,000) | 10 (30,000)   | 
  |  3  | 35.0 (78,000)   |       -       | 0.93 (30,000) | 14 (40,000)   |


  1. There are a number of features that distinguish this from the typical M1911A1. The original M1911 had a longer trigger and hammer spur, as well as the straight mainspring housing. It also lacked cutouts behind the trigger on each side. All can be seen on the Killer 7.
  2. The length-to-height ratio is also consistent with a standard sized pistol, 3:2, or 9x6 inches.


File:Arnie's Longslide.jpg
  • The name "Killer7" pays homage to Suda51's cult-classic of the same name, which Shinji Mikami produced. Kaede Smith from Killer7 has an AMT Hardballer similar to the Killer7 in Resident Evil 4, as well.
  • The name is also a reference to the 7 round magazine of the classic 1911 pistol.
  • The Killer7 is one of only three semi-automatic magnums available in Resident Evil, with the other two being the Sporting Int. Magnum Custom Edition and the Desert Eagle.
  • The laser mounted above the slide is a reference to the first Terminator film, where a similar weapon is used with the same type of laser sight and trigger.
  • The Killer7 is one of the only firearms (including the Infinite Rocket Launcher, Chicago Typewriter, and P.R.L. 412) that does not have a final custom upgrade in Resident Evil 4.


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