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Kim Yong was a survivor of the global infection brought on by the T-Virus, Kim took refuge in the Citadel Correctional Facility along with Luther West, Bennett Sinclair, Crystal Waters, Angel Ortiz and Wendell.


Prior to the outbreak, Kim was once an intern for Bennett, a former Hollywood producer, who continues to boss him around. The most timid member of the group, Kim was quiet and preferred to avoid taking any chances or going anywhere near danger. Most of his time is spent with Bennett.

During the Undead siege on the prison, Kim and Bennett aid Angel in procuring the Armored Personel Carrier locked inside the prison's garage. Once inside, they discover that the engine for the vehicle has been removed and will take at least a week to repair. Kim is left in shock when Bennett murders Angel in cold blood. Regardless, he follows Bennett, who plans to use Alice's plane up on the rooftop to escape. Bennett tries to convince Kim to go with him, but Kim hesitates long enough for the others to discover Bennett's deception and is ultimately left behind.

After escaping the horde of Undead that converge on the rooftop, the group's only option is to use the tunnel dug out in the shower block by the Majini Undead. Again, Kim hesitates to follow the others into the tunnel, and as a result, he is killed by the Axeman, who cuts him in half.

Appearance and wardrobe

Kim wears a Zara Man light blue dress shirt over a white shirt, and both are stained with blood. He also has Zara Man black dress pants and Aldo black casual slip-on shoes.



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