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The Kite Brothers Railway was the subway rail service used by the industrious midwestern town of Raccoon City.[1]


It was developed by brothers Oral and Werner Kite in the 1960s, and was opened in April 1969.[1] When it first opened, it ran on only one mile of track, with three stops. Thanks to the "Bright Raccoon 21" plan set up by Mayor Michael Warren, which was funded by Umbrella, the company received enough funding to add another five stations and seven-and-a-half more miles of track.[1] During this economic boom, the subway often had waiting lines as the majority of the populace used its system to navigate through the city swiftly, however as times changed, the number of people using the service dwindled, some lines/stations had shut down entirely, while others rarely received usage outside of working hours.

By September 1998, the subway had stations at South Raccoon Street,;[2] New Lock Square[2] Redstone Street and Main Street.[3][4] Another platform was located underneath the Raccoon University, though was not used for commercial usage.

During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, employee Jim Chapman led a group of survivors in the subway to escape the zombie hordes above ground, not knowing the station and tunnels had been taken over by infected creatures called Megabites. Without human control, a train on the line crashed at the station.

At the Redstone street station the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service detachment under Captain Mikhail Viktor turned the underground area into a safe haven for citizens fleeing the disaster above ground. The intention was to use the train to evacuate the civilians and his remaining soldiers using the train.



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