"Dagger knife for self-defense."
— Item examination - English
"護身用のダガ一ナイフだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

Unlike most of the games, the player does not start with the knife on either difficulty. The player can find it in the upstairs save room of the Warehouse. This weapon will be the weakest of all, but it's good to deal with knocked down enemies, such as zombies or zombie dogs. Carlos can also find this weapon in an item box. Nikolai will sport this weapon, along a Handgun in the Operation: Mad Jackal minigame. However, this weapon will be rather more useful than in the main game as it will give the player more TIME and POINTS for a foe's death. Killing every enemy, Nikolai will gain x8 of original time that can be gained by the using guns. Also, to gain this extra bonus time, player can just stab the last hit.

Further notes

On Hard mode, it takes 14 hits to defeat zombies, 8 hits for the Cerberuses, 1 hit to defeat crows, 19 hits to defeat the Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker, 14 Hits to defeat Hunters (beta and gamma), 12 hits to defeat web spinners, The Graver Digger takes more than 80 hits to be defeated, Nemesis (first/second mutation except in the dead factory that he can be defeated with just around 40 hits, which might take about 4 minutes to do this with out taking any damage) around 90 hits but it takes up to 150 knife hits to defeat him in his final mutation.



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