"A folding knife."
— Inventory description

The Knife (ナイフ naifu?) is a weapon in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Knife is short range and does little damage. The fire button will do a short swing and holding the aim button and then pressing fire will do a stab attack.

Main game

The player receives the Knife from the Deputy after walking out of the Laundry Room of the Main House and encountering him.

After receiving the knife, the player can interact with the tape to make Ethan cut it to access the garage door switch. While in the Boathouse, Ethan will automatically use the Knife to cut the ropes restraining Mia and Zoe.

The knife is exceptionally weak and very short ranged making it less than ideal for fighting enemies even when out of ammo.


In the Nightmare scenario, the Knife can be crafted for 0 Scrap and the "Melee Upgrade" Skill will affect this weapon.

Ethan Must Die

In Ethan Must Die, the Knife starts in Ethan's inventory at the start of the game and whenever he respawns.

Jack's 55th Birthday

In Jack's 55th Birthday, the Knife is in the Item Box in every stage.


Using the knife in combat can be effective with constant circling of the enemy while swinging and blocking or ducking to avoid taking hits.




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