Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Kodoku Project was a bioweapons project led by Dr. Dirk Miller on Sonido de Tortuga Island.[1]


The purpose of the project was to better B.O.W. research by creating mutants and taking samples from the most powerful specimen. In order to collect enough test subjects, Dr. Miller posed as a shaman to attract the island's local population, who were particularly superstitious. Miller survived all of the experiments, deeming himself fit of Kodoku.

Further notes

  • The Kodoku Project (蠱毒計画 kodoku keikaku?)'s name descends from Chinese folk magic, wherein an extremely potent and infallibly lethal toxin or manipulable familiar/demon could be created by gathering all manners of poisonous creatures such as spiders, snakes, centipedes, and toads, placing them all in a seal tight container, and burying it, through which the creatures inside would fight to the death, and eat each other, gaining the other's toxicity in the process. After a period of time, the container would be unearthed to find the last surviving animal, believed to be the strongest and concentrated of the bundled creatures, and would then be used at the owner's command.


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