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"An intelligence agent who's sent in to clean up the mess, nicknamed "The Mopper-Upper." Some of his elements can't be digested by human digestive juices, making him good fo sucking up liquid inside the digestive tract, which helps to remove water and waste from the body. Many think him weak due to his low calorie count, but he can use the power of dietary fiber to eliminate any target. One must not underestimate his power."
— Joke description of Konjac, seen on the loading screen

Konjac is one of the playable Tofus in The Tofu Survivor game mode present in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

How to unlockEdit

Konjac is unlocked by completing The Tofu Survivor once.  As such, players are forced to complete it using the default Tofu initially.


Konjac's pre-determined loadout includes:


Konjac's loadout allows him to play the mode guns blazing without worrying about wasting ammo. Because of this, it's much easier to beat The Tofu Survivor with Konjac as he is perhaps able to kill all enemies in the mode if the player uses the Chemical Flamethrower correctly - by targeting multiple enemies at once. Additionally, because he has the Shoulder Stock (GM 79), it's possible to also snipe enemies from afar with the GM 79.

However, since Konjac has no Blue Herbs he is unable to reduce the damage he receives, and it's important to not allow the G monsters to poison him.

The Tyrant could also pose a problem to Konjac, because it takes quite a lot of Flame Rounds to incapacite him, unless the player decides to simply run past him.

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Further notesEdit

  • Finishing The Tofu Survivor with Konjac grants the player the "The Perfect Chewiness" record which unlocks his model in the model viewer.


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