Koocheng (Chinese: 古筝; Pinyin: Gǔzhēng) was a riverside district of the Chinese city of Waiyip, Lanshiang. It was located to the west of Poisowan.[note 1]


During Neo Umbrella's attack on Waiyip, the BSAA's Charlie and Delta teams were ordered into this district in the hopes of capturing Carla Radames.[1] When DSO agent Sherry Birkin escaped from the medical facility in Waiyip, she and Jake Muller travelled to Koocheng, where they were to meet-up with Derek C. Simmons.


  1. This can be determined by Jake and Sherry heading to the Kwun Leng building by passing the A Er Restaurant.
  1. Resident Evil 6 (2012), level: "Chris Chapter 3"
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