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"Tomorrow night, I'm going to pay the hospital a little visit. It could be dangerous, but someone has to show them that money and influence isn't the only kind of power out there..."
— Kurt's final journal entry.

Kurt was a reporter and citizen of Raccoon City. He was friends with Alyssa Ashcroft.

Background and death[]

At some point in 1993, when patients started dying frequently in a hospital outside the city limits, Kurt was certain that illegal experimental drugs were being tested on patients within. He was determined to uncover the truth, although all investigative enquiries into the dummy company providing said drugs led to dead ends and vague information, at best. Frustrated by Umbrella's cover up, and the apparent inability of the RPD to do anything, Kurt took matters into his own hands and visited the hospital, intent on discovering the truth and acquiring samples of the medication being used to treat the patients.[2] Whilst inside, he encountered- and was subsequently eaten alive by- the t-Virus-infected Dorothy Lester. His colleague, Alyssa, a young and ambitious rookie at the time seeking to make a name for herself, had followed Kurt to the hospital arriving only to witness his death. Terrified, Alyssa fled, escaping and repressing the traumatic memory, forgetting the hospital and seeing Kurt's death, entirely.


— Kurt is killed by Dorothy Lester

Five years later, in late-September 1998, Alyssa and at least two other survivors ventured into the now-abandoned hospital whilst fleeing from the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. Alyssa's traumatic memories began to resurface and, as a result, she remembered what she had witnessed and also discovered hard evidence of the illegal experiments conducted there. She vowed to escape the city alive and spread the truth regarding what had taken place inside the hospital, promising to Kurt that his death would not be in vain.[3][4]


Kurt can be unlocked as a playable character in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 by completing the scenario flashback as Alyssa. Kurt has two playable versions, and both are in the same set. He can be purchased in the Collection menu for 3000 points.

The first version is simply named "Kurt". This version is a George-type and starts in FINE status with an average vitality between 2000 and 2500, and has an Iron Pipe as his starting item. He also has an average infection rate of 1.61% per minute, a movement speed of 0.81, and a damage multiplier of 1.00.[5]

The other version is called "Kurt.B". The most notable change is the bloody wound on his abdomen. Due to this, Kurt.B starts in DANGER status and has a Hemostat as his starting item, and is instead a Jim-type character. He has a very fast infection rate of 2.21% per minute, a movement speed of 0.79, and a damage multiplier of 0.97.[5] Since he's a Jim-type, he can potentially output more damage than Kurt, because of the damage-multiplying Coin that all Jim-type characters begin with.


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