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Kylie was a model who was a victim of the 2014 Sonido de Tortuga Incident.


Kylie being cunning

Kylie trips Yuki Mayu

Kylie was a contestant on the Japanese-American reality/game show, Idol Survival and won in its third season. To secure her place as "defending champion", Kylie also decided to take part in the fourth season of the show, which was to take place on Sonido de Tortuga. Aware of the dirty reputation of the series, Kylie was able to advance in the games by attacking Yuki Mayu and stealing her cards to be counted in the game in order to get the most points. Running out into the jungle on her own, Kylie found herself in front of Morio, a towering augmented human living on the island.[1] Morio proceeded to impale Kylie with a harpoon, then threw her off to leave for dead.[2] Rather than dying, however, Kylie instead mutated into a Zombie, having been infected by a very potent t-Virus strain during the skirmish. Kylie followed Mayu and her cameraman, Tominaga,[3] through the jungle and was eventually impaled a second time by the latter.[4] Her fate after this is not known, but it is likely she was killed when the BSAA arrived in the area.

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