Kylie was a grauvure model, known in the business as "Wild and Big". She was a contestant on the Japanese reality show Idol Survival and the previous years champion.


Kylie being cunning

Kylie trips Yuki Mayu

Being the previous Champion in the reality show her reputation is well noticed among other gravure models. During the beginning of the show kylie is seen around posing with other models; she gets prepared as soon as the contest starts. Kylie, regarded as dirty and cunning, intercepts Yuki Mayu when retriving the Card, when she was unaware. Kylie, proceeds to trip Mayu while getting the Card and runs off with it, angering Mayu in the process. Angered and embarrassed on live TV, Mayu along with AD Tominaga chased after her in an effort to take the card back; Confident and happy, Kylie gets a good distance away from them, however, her joy soon ends when she's approached by the Creature Harpoon and impaled just as Tominaga and Mayu cought up.

Crying and dying, Kylie pleads help as the monster Throws her off his Harpoon and she dies slowly. After Tominaga turns the tables on the creature, him and Mayu tried to recover from exhaustion. While talking, Mayu notices a figure behind Tominaga and it's Kylie as a Zombie. She attempts to scratch Tominaga in the back but he dodges just in time. Tominaga grabs a weapon and hits her in the side only stunning her, while He and Mayu flee. Kylie isn't seen again after this but it's assumed that she dies with the rest of the zombies by squad members.


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