"32-shot capacity .380 ACP machine gun. Uses a closed bolt and has high accuracy."
— Inventory description
".380ACPを32発装填できる。 クローズボルト方式を採用し、命中精度が高いマシンガン。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The LE 5 is a submachine gun that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The LE 5 is one of HUNK's and Ghost's weapons in The 4th Survivor and The Ghost Survivors, respectively. It is seemingly the USS primary standard issue arsenal during the timelime of Resident Evil 2.

It functions similarly to a fully upgraded MQ 11 but without the silencer functionality and a lower capacity of 32 instead of 50. It's nevertheless capable of dishing out large amounts of damage within seconds, being able to finish off a Licker with relative ease.

In the main campaign, an infinite version of this weapon can be unlocked by finishing the game on Hardcore with an S rank or by purchasing the "All In-game Rewards Unlock" DLC.


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