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"A next-generation weapon in development by BSAA with a blade made of charged particles that can slice through anything! Hold Aim to activate double blade mode!"
— Item inspection
— Item inspection - Japanese

LZ Answerer is a weapon in Resident Evil Village.


The LZ Answerer is a melee weapon that can be unlocked after first beating every Mercenaries stage with at least an SS rank and proceeding to buy it via the Extra Content Shop for 70,000 CP. The item will then be available at The Duke for 200 Lei and can be sold back for the same price. Although the weapon is unlocked via The Mercenaries, it cannot be used in that mode.

The LZ Answerer must be "activated" before the player can strike at enemies, which can be done by either holding the aim button or pushing the attack button. Once activated, the LZ Answerer will act like the default Knife, sharing the same set of attack animations.

By holding the aim button again, the player can activate its double blade mode. In this mode, the weapon will instead share the animation set of the Karambit Knife, with the exception of the "hold aim" attack. The double blade mode will deactivate itself after switching weapons or the color of the blade.

It is possible to change the color and mode of the weapon by holding the aim button and pushing the interact button. The three available color modes are the default attack mode (red), the defensive mode (blue), and the healing mode (green). Each color will alter the weapons function in the following ways:

  1. In attack mode, the Answerer deals the most damage, requiring only 3-4 cuts to kill Moroaicǎ on the Village of Shadows difficulty. The Karambit Knife, for comparison, requires almost double the hits on Moroaicǎs on the same difficulty.
  2. In defensive mode, the player can absorb considerably more damage while blocking and can parry attacks by blocking in the middle of an enemy's attack animation, dealing some damage and momentarily stunning them. Ranged weapons cannot be parried. Standard attacks in this mode deal comparable damage to the Karambit Knife. See below for a list of specific enemy responses to parries:
    1. Lycan will be knocked away and stunned on the ground for just over a second
    2. Large Lycan will be knocked away as well, but won't be stunned for more than about half a second, depending on what attack they use
    3. Moroaica and Hauler, like Lycans, will be knocked away and stunned for a second or more, with Haulers rising somewhat faster
    4. Samcă are difficult to parry due to inconsistent attack timing, but can be knocked down for some time if successful
    5. Dimitrescu Daughters will be staggered momentarily if parried, similar to being shot by a rocket pistol or stepping on a mine
    6. Alcina Dimitrescu cannot be parried in her human form. During her boss fight's first phase, however, successfully parrying will cause her to stagger backwards, and during the second phase at the top of the tower, parries seem to be even more effective, causing her to retreat from the tower
    7. Vârcolac will be knocked far away, though the Alpha counterpart seems to be more durable to counterattacks
    8. Soldat Eins, Soldat Drei and Soldat Jet have inconsistent responses, with parries either doing nothing, causing them to be pushed away for a moment, or on occasion knocking them onto their knees
    9. Soldat Panzer is entirely immune to the knockback, with or without armor, but will still get damaged with parries
    10. Sturm can be knocked back twice when charging, making it one of the more effective uses for defensive mode, particularly on Village of Shadows difficulty
    11. Moreau doesn't require precise timing for successful parries, working as soon as he starts to charge, swing his head, or stand up in an attempt to crush the player. If successful, the parry will cause Moreau's smaller body to flail outside of its mouth, as with any high damage attack
    12. Heisenberg can only be parried during his saw swing animation, causing him to recoil. His charges cannot be parried
    13. Uriaș and Uriaș Drac can be parried anytime after starting to swing their weapons, causing them to kneel down for a few seconds
    14. Miranda can be difficult to parry given her inconsistent hitboxes and range of attacks, but if successful, a parry will cause her to recoil for a short moment. She cannot be parried during her flight and spider forms.
  3. In healing mode, the Answerer deals the least damage, comparable to the common knife's, but will allow the player to recover health with each successful hit. Damaging inactive Soldats and any animal will also heal the player. Depending on the opponent, it will usually take anywhere from three to five hits to raise the player's health one color level.

While it can deal the most damage of any melee weapon, it is still not an exceptionally powerful weapon. On Standard difficulty, it will still take a few hits to kill lesser enemies such as a Lycan regardless of weapon mode. It is, however, the best option for completing the Knives Out challenge since it is qualifies as a close-combat weapon. It can also be useful for completing the Don't Trust That Snake Oil challenge as using its healing ability does not count as a recovery item.

Further notes

  • LZ Answerer is likely a spoof of the lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise.
  • It shares the same 3D model as the Target Locator.
  • During the Miranda boss phase where everything turns black and white, the color of the weapon will change to white as well. This has no effect gameplay-wise.