The auxiliary research room is a room in the Umbrella Executive Training School's laboratory complex.


This room is a secondary laboratory for the facility staff. Against a wall there are four large tanks containing human research specimens. There are many jars in storage containing chemicals, and others containing preserved organs. There is a large hole in the floor near the computer.



Location Localisation Original script
Hole "Through the hole, you can see the lower floor, but it's too dangerous to climb down there."
Shelves near the hole "Some kind of internal organ appears to be inside."
Computer "There's a computer here. It doesn't turn on when you press the power button."
Shelves "The shelf is full of capsules containing various specimens."
Shelves near the large capsules "The shelf contains a large number of chemicals. The labels are so dirty that you can't tell what's inside."
Large capsules "These capsules contain human specimens. Each has a look of great suffering on its face."
Statue "The statue's upper body has been smashed to bits."




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