The reference room is a room in the Umbrella Executive Training School's laboratory complex.


The reference room is a library for use by laboratory staff. The floor is bloodstained.


This is a save room. Marcus' Diary 2 can be found in this room. It also has a dumbwaiter for transporting items upstairs.


Location Localisation Original script
Bookshelf "The shelf is full of biology books."
Bookshelf "This bookshelf contains a number of books about viruses. The titles are all unfamiliar to you."
Pitcher "There's a water pitcher here. It's empty, though."
Plates "A set of collectible players. They're so dusty that you can't make out the pictures."
Dumbwaiter "A simple elevator chute for transporting items. It appears to be connected to the operating room. Send something to the operating room?"




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