For the file in Resident Evil 2, see Lab security manual.

Laboratory Security Manual is a text file found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles during Memory of a Lost City 7.


In Memory of a Lost City 7, after exiting the A-2 Elevator, shoot the last light at the ceiling for this file.


-Security Measures
in Case of an Emergency-

In the event of an uncontainable biohazard outbreak, all security measures will be directed toward the underground transport facility.

If any abnormalities are detected in the cargo in transit, all materials will automatically be transported from the loading zone to the designated contamination transport train.
At that point, all materials will be isolated and disposed of immediately.

In the instance of a Class 1emergency, the entire train will be purged and disposed of.
In the event that the lab itself becomes contaminated, the northen most route currently used to transport materials to and from the facility will be designated as an emergency escape route.

This route will secure passage to the relay point outside the city limits. Disclosure about any information regarding research conducted here, or the existence of this facility, is strictly prohibited.

Since it it top
priority to keep all research classified, escape access may be denied under certain extenuating circumstances.

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