The Labyrinth is an area for Resident Evil 5.


After proceeding down the hall, an interactive cutscene starts where the player(s) must rapidly push a quick time event prompt to run away as the floor collapses behind Chris and Sheva. There will be three brief breaks where the play must push a different command to jump over gaps then return to running. Once the player completes the sequence, a Checkpoint will be triggered.

In the small room the player is now in, the partner command button needs to be used to pull down on two ropes that reveal the labyrinth proper. Upon entering the large area, there is a vase on the left. Down the staircase and into the south-west alcove is a suitcase with the Grenade launcher inside (which holds Explosive rounds). In the north-west under area, there is a Emerald (Square) that can be shot off the low ceiling, a vase that holds a First aid spray and another statue both characters can pull the ropes next to. This will cause another set of stairs to rise and the statue to retract into the wall leaving behind a Sapphire (Square). Following the next path leads to another statue. Around on the right of the staircase is a chest that contains an Idol (Gold). Pulling the ropes of this statue will alter the stair, leave behind an Emerald (Square), and a Checkpoint will be triggered.

After proceeding across the new path, a scene will play where many tribal Majini flood the area the player needs to travel across. Using the "Jump" command to cross the gap leads to a path that goes to the upper area. Here there is a Topaz (Square) that can be shot down on the ceiling, two vases, and a good vantage point to shoot the BSAA Emblem above the green statue. Pulling the yellow statue on the north end will rearrange the stairs again, leave behind a Topaz (Square) and trigger a Checkpoint.

The character now need to split up to pull the ropes to the two purple statues in the different areas. In there upper area, there is a chest with Flash rounds. While the characeters separate, Majini and Bui Kichwa spawn in the area. Pulling the chains will change the stairs, and leave behind a Ruby (Pear) and Sapphire (Pear).

In the south-east lower area that is now open, there are three vases. In the south-west area, there is a red statue. Pulling the chains for this one opens up the exit, leaves behind a Ruby (Oval), and triggers a Checkpoint. As the player leaves, a Popokarimu will spawn and attack the player.

If the player starts climbing the stairs, a short scene will player where the Popkarimu automatically starts to follow the player. It will now be impossible to move past it and back down the stairs. If the player continues up and gets close to the exit, a scene will play where the Popokarimu charges at the player and a quick time event button prompt will come up so the player can dodge it. Successfully dodging will result in the Popokarimu attempt to follow the players into the small tunnel to the exit and it becoming stuck and the ceiling collapsing on it. It will now be defeated but will not drop treasure in this way and the player can not go back into the main area.

The exit leads to the Worship Area.


Chris and Sheva sprinting though the hall of the ruins:

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