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For the Umbrella Corps map, see Lanshiang (map).

Lanshiang (simplified Chinese: 兰祥; traditional Chinese: 蘭祥; Pinyin: Lán xiáng) is a coastal city in the People's Republic of China, occupying an area along the coast on both sides of the Kwanwing River.[1]


Waiyip attack

In June 2013, it was attacked by a bioterrorist group under the pseudonym "Neo Umbrella", who used their army of J'avo to cause widespread panic and disorder throughout the city south of the river. This prompted the intervention by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and the much-anticipated return of Chris Redfield to the organization after six months of self-forced retirement.

Tatchi attack

The C-Virus cloud encompasses Tatchi

With the J'avo presence minor or non-existent in the northern district of Tatchi, the BSAA organized a calm evacuation for precautionary reasons. On July 1, a missile was fired at the city from a Neo Umbrella-controlled aircraft carrier. Armed with a C-Virus warhead as a delivery system, its detonation released a cloud (or "fog") of the airborne virus across the city and infecting all of its surviving refugees, transforming them into zombies.




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