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Lanshiang (Chinese: 蘭祥; Yale: làahnchèuhng)[1] is a city in the People's Republic of China. The city is located on the estuary of the Kwanwing River as it flows into the East China Sea.[2][note 1] In the late 2000s Lanshiang was a major centre for the Chinese economy with its foreign investment and proximity to coastline oil fields. Much of the city's infrastructure was destroyed during the 2013 bioterror incident.


The oldest recorded building in Lanshiang is a Qing fort in Poisawan, which dates back to the 19th century, and it is possible the Chinese Navy operated a port at Yuenmon at this time. When the Dowager Empress Cixi declared war on the Eight-Nation Alliance in mid-1900, Lanshiang's provincial Zongdu recognised her authority military forces in the area took part in the war. By the war's conclusion the following year Qing control over the region had utterly collapsed, leaving post-war Lanshiang a lawless region for a number of years as the British maintained an ineffectual hold over the area.[3]

Following the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War on the mainland, Lanshiang was modernised and saw a massive expansion in size as its population soared to some four million by the Millennium, boosted by both the People's Liberation Army Navy facility and the wealth of foreign investment in the area. This was taken advantage of by The Family, an American nationalist group, who oversaw the construction of both the Vinci Medical Research Centre and the Quad Tower, and construction or acquisition of a mansion on the outskirts.

Lanshiang bioterror incident[]

Main article: Lanshiang bioterror incident

In June 2013, Poisawan was attacked by a bioterrorist group under the pseudonym "Neo Umbrella", who used their army of J'avo to cause widespread panic and disorder throughout the city south of the river and spreading violence into neighbouring Waiyip. This prompted the intervention by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and the much-anticipated return of Chris Redfield to the organization after six months of self-forced retirement.

Resident Evil 6 - Tatchi covered in cloud 1

The C-Virus cloud encompasses Tatchi

With the J'avo presence eliminated in the northern district of Tatchi, the BSAA organized a calm evacuation for precautionary reasons. On July 1, a missile was fired at the city from a Neo Umbrella-controlled aircraft carrier. Armed with a C-Virus warhead as a delivery system, its detonation released a cloud (or "fog") of the airborne virus across the city and infecting all of its surviving refugees, transforming them into zombies.


Further notes[]

  • To get inspiration for Lanshiang, Capcom went to Hong Kong.
    • Poisawan is based on the Kowloon Walled City, which was also built around a Chinese fort captured by the British military as part of their colonial venture in China. In real life, the Qing abandoned the Walled City in 1899 after the British and Indian militaries put down a Punti uprising, whereas in the game the Walled City was the product of a British overthrow of Qing authority in the early 1900s, referring to the Boxer Rebellion.
    • The market in Leon Chapter 4 is based on the wet and fruit markets in Yau Ma Tei.
    • The A Er restaurant seen in Jake Chapter 4 is based on the Jumbo Kingdom restaurant.
    • Various signs detail phone numbers beginning with a 2- area code, which is used in Hong Kong.
    • The local currency is the Dollar rather than the Yuan, just like Hong Kong.



  1. The location of Lanshiang is inferred by the "HAOS Release Simulation", which places the oil field north of Taiwan and south of Shanghai.
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