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The 2013 Lanshiang bioterror incident was a bioweapon attack conducted by Neo Umbrella on the general population of the Chinese city of Lanshiang. The perpetrators used C-Virus, a powerful virus engineered by The Family, a fraternal organisation it broke off from.


The Family is a centuries-old fraternal organisation which dates back to the Enlightenment Period. Over the course of the 20th century it made the United States its main base of operations, and its members influenced worldwide politics to enable American domination.[1] Following the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the group began developing bioweapons under the leadership of Derek C. Simmons. Dr. Carla Radames, a senior researcher in the project, was forced to participate and was genetically altered to become a doppelganger of Ada Wong, a Chinese-American woman Simmons once knew.

Harbouring a deep hatred of Simmons, but commended for her work, Radames' influence increased in The Family's East Asian division, which she would later gain full control of in 2013.[2] Rejecting Simmons' belief in maintaining American dominance, she instead began developing doomsday projects, and rogue operations took on the signature "Neo Umbrella". While the C-Virus had been originally finalised in 2009 after ten years, new experiments were ushered in to create more deadly organisms.[3]


Focusing her sights on destroying the world from China, Dr. Radames built up an army of J'avo to serve as her personal soldiers. She was able to siphon Family funds to build a massive laboratory in the ocean below an oil rig, where she performed research on "Haos", a B.O.W. that, when born, would destroy all life in its wake.

Before the Haos awakening, Dr. Radames had comparatively smaller plans to take place in Lanshiang, including contingencies. As The Family had their own facilities in the city, with a medical facility and their own Quad Tower, this served as her official base of operations, and where recruitment for a fresh fighting force began. Following her visit to Edonia in December, Dr. Radames had DSO agent Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller imprisoned at one of their facilities for use in creating the Enhanced C-Virus, a mutant strain for special use. In the immediate lead-up to the attack, Dr. Radames began offering experimental drugs to those living in the slum district of Poisawan in exchange for money. These applicants were then infected with C-Virus and mutated into J'avos as a fresh fighting force.


Waiyip attack

On Sunday 30 June, the attack was called. Neo Umbrella's soldiers, well armed with assault rifles and attack helicopters, launched an assault on the city and captured Yuenmon Port - a PLAN port - and murdered the crew of at least two aircraft carriers and commandeering them. Elsewhere, the Poisawan recruits, armed with lighter weapons and machetes, began massacring people on the streets while specially-engineered C-Virus variants mutated other people into creatures such as Iluzija.

The BSAA launched a major operation in China, deploying forces from as far as North America. Despite their large force, the BSAA suffered considerable casualties in the fighting, owing to the weapons possessed by the J'avo, and the unforeseen weapons. The North American "Alpha Team" worked with "Bravo Team" to free UN workers taken hostage in a tenement building,[4] but almost the entirety of the former squad was eradicated by the Iluzija, which used its camouflage ability for great benefit. Dr. Radames took direct part in the conflict, and lead a cat-and-mouse chase with the BSAA, eventually leading them to the aircraft carrier. Also during this fighting, Birkin and Muller were able to escape execution and fight back, and the Chinese-American agent Wong flew over to confront Dr. Radames.[5]

A derailed train in the Kwanwing River.

Owing to the scale of the attacks, Simmons himself and his Family entourage travelled to China intent on regaining control, though Simmons made no effort to have Dr. Radames killed. His presence was known to Dr. Radames, who had a J'avo force attack his makeshift base in Koocheng, infecting him with the Enhanced C-Virus and taking Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin hostage. In a fight with DSO member Leon S. Kennedy and USSS agent Helena Harper, the Family would declare Simmons a lost cause and abandoned him; no longer acknowledging his authority, a Family helicopter flew to Yuenmon Port to assassinate Dr. Radames and end the Family's involvement in the incident.

On the aircraft carrier, BSAA operators Captain Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, along with Wong, chased after Dr. Radames through the Neo Umbrella-controlled ship. The two BSAA operators were unable to capture her as intended, however, and the Family was able to shoot her, leading her to fall off a ledge. Unaware she had infected herself with a second of her three Enhanced C-Virus samples, she was assumed dead, and the two left the scene, carrying her third sample. Wong later discovered Radames had survived her injuries, and she mutated into a powerful mutant which began devouring the ship's hull before being killed.

Tatchi attack

Neo Umbrella received word of Dr. Radames' death at 23:29 local time, and made preparations to carry out "Plan D", a contingency order to prevent the BSAA from discovering Haos in the event of her death. Plan D was to launch a missile carrying a C-Virus payload over Lanshiang, and detonate over Tatchi to turn thousands into Zombies, thus eradicating or distracting the BSAA.[6] The BSAA became aware of this plan when the use of a missile guidance system was detected, and Captain Redfield and Nivans took to a fighter jet intent on destroying it. Their attack failed, and a single missile was successfully launched.

Tatchi, located north of Waiyip and separated by the river, was at the time unmolested by the J'avo attackers to the south, though the BSAA had assigned squads such as Echo Team to evacuate them to the Quad Tower in the vent of an attack, unaware of its associations with Neo Umbrella. The missile's detonation released a cloud of ash and the virus in its gaseous form, which caused massive-scale violence almost immediately. Echo Team's attempts to contain the situation failed miserably, and they took heavy casualties in their attempt to escape to their Gambits, which were designed to handle gas attacks. The only Echo Team member to get to the Gambits was later killed during a confrontation with Simmons at the Quad Tower. Simmons would later die there, after failing to kill Kennedy; Harper or Wong.

Underwater facility

In the early morning, Redfield and Nivans reached Neo Umbrella's secret base below an oil refinery, after receiving a tip-off from Kennedy during the Tatchi attack. The four were largely uncooperative, owing to Redfield's relationship with Muller's father, and split up once Haos was prematurely awakened. Birkin and Muller made their escape attempt via the low levels of the facility, where they made their way to an escape train, accidentally overloading the facility's reactor in the exploration. The two were confronted by Ustanak, the B.O.W. responsible for their original capture, but made it onto an escape train heading back to China.

Meanwhile, Redfield and Nivans were stalked by the Haos, which began destroying sections of the facility, causing pressure and flooding problems. As they approached the life pods to escape the facility, Haos attacked them again, causing serious injury to both. Nivans, losing an arm, infected himself with the final Enhanced C-Virus sample, and became a humanoid mutant with electrical abilities. Nivans was able to use them to his advantage in keeping Haos away, but due to his mutations refused to escape with Redfield, preferring to die in the facility. As the facility exploded, Nivans final act was to send out a bolt of electricity at Haos as it attempted to escape, knocking it out and killing it as its body fell back down. The escape train narrowly escaped the blast, and Ustanak was killed by the flames when its grip onto the escape train was lost.


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