The Lantern is a unique item in Resident Evil 5.


The Lantern is found in the beginning of The Mines. It can be used as a light source to help players see as the area around them is very dark. It will stay on even when not being used.

Picking it up does not use an inventory slot, instead the character picks it up and holds onto it and can put it back down to be picked up again whenever they choose. While holding it, the player cannot use any other items or weapons unless they put it back down. The player can only aim with it to see a specific area. While playing solo, the AI partner can be commanded to use it and they will always stop and aim in the same direction as the player whenever they aim. The partner command button can be used to tell them to put it down while the AI is holding it.

The Lantern will shut off once the players reach the end of the dark tunnel and it can not be brought into the next area.


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