".45 ACP rounds for the M19 and Quickdraw Army. The weight of these rounds makes them more powerful than normal ammo."
— Inventory description
"大型拳銃用.45ACP弾。 M 19及びクイックドロウ・アーミーで使用。 弾頭重量が重く、通常のハンドガンの弾に 比べ威力が高い。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

Large-caliber Handgun Ammo is a ammunition type in Resident Evil 2 remake. This ammunition type is retrievable in Leon's campaign for his second handgun, M19 and, and in Claire's campaign for her second handgun, Quickdraw Army.


8Large-caliber Handgun Ammo is the standard ammunition for Handguns such as M19 and Quickdraw Army. In addition, they can be found at various locations only in the [2nd] scenario of the game instead of Handgun Ammo, and not crafted unlike most other standard weapon ammunition.


  • Inside the right locker separating the Break Room (x8).
  • On the barrels underneath the Fire Escape's stairs (x6).
  • On the table in the Interrogation Room's southeast corner (x7).
  • On the body of the dead police officer next to the East office's southern windows (x5).
  • On the dead body in the Press Room's middle (x5).
  • On the metal shelves at the back of the small room to the left of the Press Room (zombies must spawn in the corridor in order to open this room) (x10).
  • Main hall:
    • 1F: On the reception desk (Assisted and Standard Modes only) (x3).
    • 2F: On the seats in the southwest corner (x5).
  • On the seats in the Reception's middle (x7).
  • On one of the small chair desks in the Operations Room's northeast area (x4).
  • On the dead body at the northern dead end of corridor next to the Safety Deposit Room and East office (x3).
  • Inside the locker in Safety Deposit Room labelled "109" (x5).
  • Inside the locker in the southwest corner of the East office's main room (x2).
  • Inside the right locker in the northwest corner of the Dark-room (Assisted and Standard Modes only) (x2).
  • On the dead body next to the shutter in the southeast corner next to the Shower Room (x3).
  • On the trolley next to the desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office's northeast corner (x6).
  • Underneath the leftmost movable bookcase in the Library's northwest corner (x6).
  • On the shrink-wrapped cardboard box next to the locker at the 3F floor of the Police Station, west side (x4).
  • On the wooden shelves on the West Storage Room's west side (x4).
  • Inside the locker on the area's west wall in-between the East Storage Room and the Balcony (x4).
  • On the red seat in the Roof's southeast corner (x4).
  • On the filing cabinet in the Jail's southeast corner (Leon only) (x4).
  • Machinery Room, Lower floor:
    • On top of the crates in the southeast section (x8).
    • On top of a barrel in the southwest section (x7).
    • On the machinery covered with a tarpaulin in the northwest section (x7).
  • On the shelves in the Gun Shop's northwest corner (Leon only) (x3).
  • Sewer Entrance (Leon only):
    • Behind the grate blocking the tunnel in the southwest corner (x4).
    • On the barrels next to the stairs on the northern platform (x3).
  • On a pile of trash in the Upper Waterway's southwest pool area (x5).
  • On a chair next to the control panel on the Monitor Room's north side (Assisted and Standard Modes only) (x4).
  • On the ground next to the crane switch on the west side of the Proposed Water Purification Room's platform (x8).
  • On the lathe in the Workroom's southeast corner (x5).
  • Inside the left locker in the Worker's Break Room's southwest corner (x5).
  • On one of the dining tables in the Cafeteria's middle (x8).
  • Inside the locker on the southern wall of the room next to the Lobby (x8).
  • Bioreactors Room:
    • On the canister trolley in the southeast area (2 boxes) (x12).
    • On the canister trolley in the northwest area (x12).
    • On a canister trolley in the southwest corner (x12).
  • On the ground next to all the debris in the north west corner of the Duct's lower platform (x7).
  • On the table in the north west area of the Lift's platform (Leon only) (x12).
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