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Las Plagas: Organisms of War, known in Japan as "Las Plagas: B.O.W. Top-Secret Files" (Las Plagas: B.O.W.極秘ファイル Las Plagas: B.O.W. Gokuhi fairu?) is a short film made for the DVD and Blu-ray units of Resident Evil: Damnation.

Like the various Report files before it (e.g. "Wesker's Report"), Organisms of War's premise is set from an in-universe point of view with a character explaining the backstory. In this case, the mockumentary describes the various creatures encountered during the Eastern Slav Civil War, and why they are what they are.


Las Plagas Organisms of War



RUN: \Login.exe...
The command was completed successfully.

Verify Administrator...

> USER: *****

> PASSWORD: *******


Administrator Verified.
Hello Dr. Gibson!

Colleague: "Gotta hustle, doc!"

Gibson: "I'm just about ready to begin the debriefing."

Colleague: "I'll cover the front. You take this."

The colleague hands Gibson a handgun

Gibson: "What's this for?"

Colleague: "In case I don't make it back."


  • The documentary shows footage of President Belikova, timestamped "2012/01/27"

Gibson: "Director, this is Dr. William Gibson. What you are about to see was given to us by Mikhail Zilka, one of the scientists who created the synthetic strain for this woman -President Belikova- an act of betrayal that unfortunately cost him his life."

Gibson: "When I've finished recording this presentation I'll upload it via secured satellite from the safehouse to your server. Then your men, Max and I will make our way to the extraction point."


Gibson: "I pray this reaches you safely. Even if we don't. Without further adieu, Las Plagas."

  • Desktop displays image of an adult Plaga.

Gibson: "The organic form of the parasite was discovered in Europe by a religious group called The Illuminados. They used it to control and recruit their members. When the power shifted to a new Castellan, he forbid its use and sealed the parasite away in his castle. And that's where it stayed, for hundreds of years, until another Castellan broke the seal and released them again."

  • Desktop displays more images of the adult Plaga. Includes footage dated "DEC 9 2011".

Gibson: "Las Plagas - literally "the pest" or "the plague". It attaches itself to the victim's nervous system, working its way through the lungs and the heart to eventually gain control of the nervous system through the spinal cord. Symptoms of the infected include: coughing up blood; fainting; hallucination; appearance of blood around the eyes; swelling and discoloration of the blood vessels, and a discoloration of the iris - typically in red. When all else fails, look at the eyes. Those are the symptoms, but what does it actually do? In short, it makes them very strong and highly resistant to pain. And not just humans - because it is highly-adaptable, it can possess other organisms as well. How is it so effective? One theory is that Las Plagas has a collective intelligence - what you might call a "hive mind" - communicating via ultra-high frequency sound waves. Those are the basics. Now, lets get a big more specific."

  • Displays scenes from Damnation, dated "12/21/2011"; "2012/01/15" and "2012/01/29"

Gibson: "The 'Dominant-strain Plaga' was designed to allow the host to obtain complete control of the parasite. In addition to being able to control their own, they can also control a subordinate parasite in others. And, they are capable of causing dramatic mutations in themselves at will. There are very few side-effects to the host mental capabilities, but it can give them incredible strength. A host carrying this Plaga can remain virtually unchanged, as long as they suppress the parasite's mutagenic powers. If, however, they wish to do so, they are capable of bizarre and extreme mutations of their bodies to achieve its use. Because of the level of control over the 'Dominant-strain Plaga', Belikova's scientists were able to create a sort of 'master-slave relationship' between humans and Bio Organic Weapons, not unlike -say- a Queen Bee and her workers. This means that a human host who has injected the 'Dominant-strain' could gain control over the Licker to the point of making it as submissive and docile as a puppy."


Gibson: "Ganados - "The Herd". They are the humans who became host to the mind-controlling parasite. Outwardly they may appear perfectly normal, capable of speaking or carrying out day-to-day tasks. But, make no mistake: they are entirely devoted to their masters. If called to, they will attack at will, with no fear of injury or death. They have extraordinary strength and a high tolerance for pain. An injury that might cripple a normal human being would be a mere annoyance to a Ganado. You must use extreme caution when encountering a group, for they are capable of tactical thinking. They can coordinate complicated attacks, ambushing and flanking their targets."

Gibson: "The Licker. Nasty little bugger. This mutation could take an infected host and turn them into a highly-lethal predator. Incredibly fast; able to leap to great hight and distance. Because of its bone structure it moves on all fours, covering ground much more quickly. It has talons that it can use to scale structures and hang from ceilings. This means that it is able to surprise attack from almost anywhere. One thing you must watch out for is the tongue. There are reports - although I have not seen it myself - that the Licker's tongue is capable of decapitating a man. I told you that it is capable of surprise attacks, but there are a couple of things that can save you from an attack. Being blind, the Lickers cannot hunt by sight. To compensate, they have [a] highly-developed sense of hearing. Your own sense of hearing can help you avoid a surprise attack. Because of the way they move, you can often hear the scraping sounds of their claws and the flesh of their bodies moving against the surfaces where they're climbing. They're also known to make a very distinct hissing sound. If you do manage to kill one, they may emit a high-pitch scream. This is most likely to alert others to their location.

Gibson: "The use of Tyrants has also been identified in Eastern Slav. The Tyrant was a B.O.W. that was originally developed by Umbrella to create the Ultimate Lifeform using the effects of the t-Virus. It has a high level of intelligence and outstanding combat skills, along with amazing durability when pursuing its orders. When its life is at risk, it overrides its Limiter and turns into the Super Tyrant form."

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Visual profiles[]

Identified Third Party Operative:
Leon S. Kennedy

Affiliation: Unknown U.S. Agency

Observable Mission: Eradication of B.O.W.s
Mitigation of Loss of Life
Intelligence gathering on corporate sponsorship
of B.O.W.s and other clandestine agencies.

Identified Third Party Operative:
Ada Wong

Affiliation: Unknown
Possible Independent Contractor

Observable Mission: Unknown
Confiscation of B.O.W. data and viable organisms
Intelligence gathering on applied use of B.O.W.s

Organism: Las Plagas
Species Type: PARASITIC
Classification: B1 B.O.W.

Dominant and Submissive strains
Host organism neutral

Organism: Las Plagas
Species Type: PARASITIC
Classification: B1 B.O.W.

Dominant and Submissive strains
Plaga Infected Female

Organism: Las Plagas
Species Type: PARASITIC
Classification: B1 B.O.W.

Submissive strains
Alternative host organisms

Organism: Las Plagas Dominant Strain

Self-Injection Delivery Systems SIDS

Sponsored by:
Belikova's Government

Organism: Licker
Species Type: Mutated Infected Host

Primary mutation includes:

Protrusion of the brain and
cardiovascular system
Degradation of the optical nerves and eyes
Degradation of the dermis
Elongated tongue.

Organism: Tyrant
Species Type: Mutated Infected Host
Secondary Mutation: "Super Tyrant"

Mutations Include:
Enhanced Musculature
Super-human strength, reflexes
Uncontrolled mutation
Programmable directives