The laser room is an area on the island in Resident Evil 4.


This room is highly secured with high power lasers that can kill Leon should he make contact with them. The next room has a chair that Saddler had sat in during the previous cutscene while giving orders to Krauser. There is an elevator at the back that leads to the Underground cavern.


The room is filled with laser traps the player must avoid or else they'll die, some with well timed movement and others by quick time events. After opening the door at the end of the room a chair can be seen that has an Emerald on it, after the picked up Leon can sit on the chair.

An Elegant Headdress is located just above the door that the player came from. Head towards the elevator behind the chair and activate it.


Main game:

Location Action Localization Original Script
At Saddler's chair ? There's no time for resting.


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