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"Eagle of South, Wolf of North. What can these words mean?"
— Item description

Last Book Vol. 2 is an item in Resident Evil.


By opening this book, the Medal of Wolf is uncovered. In the original, you must examine the side of the book (the side where the book's pages are visible).


In the original game the book can be found in the Courtyard Underground on all difficulties, in a secret room near the second boulder trap (the one that has the map behind it) that requires you to use the Hexagonal Crank to access the room. The book is behind a small slot in the wall, requiring you to solve a puzzle in the room to open it.

In the remake version, this can be found after killing the Yawn in the Library.


Both this and the other Last Book were renamed in the remake. In the original and the Japanese version, they were called the "Doom Books".