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Laura Bierce was an American supermodel dubbed the "Hollywood Gem". Laura was a victim of the 2014 Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident, which saw the deaths or zombification of a number of visitors to the island taking part on the fourth season of Idol Survival.


Laura arrived on Sonido de Tortuga with the rest of Idol Survival's game show contestants and crew on board the White Castle yacht. Unbeknownst to most, the show's current producer, Mike D. Seaman, was in the pay of Sheng-Ya Pharmaceutical to track down an abandoned Umbrella laboratory on the island, with the personal desire of sacrificing everyone else to an escaped Bio Organic Weapon on live TV to attract the attention of bioterrorists.

On the night of their arrival, Laura went location scouting with the show's director, Matthew Espinosa, and met the island natives who's shaman ritualistically killed a chicken in front of her.[1]

Laura Bierce is first seen with the other models while on the island. When the staff was looking for Coco she informs them that she had a hangover. A little later during the night, Takeru Tominaga explored the jungle and found an infected Coco, he then ran straight into Laura. Taken aback by his unexpected arrival, Laura notices that Tominaga is frightened. She asks him about the matter and he mentions that he saw a zombified Coco. She looked into the bushes and did not see anything. Assuming it was his imagination she slaps him for sexually harassing her and walks off.

Laura slaps Tominaga

After the competition starts, Laura notices a person and her cameraman investigates only to get eaten by a zombie. Laura recalls what Tominaga said and believes this island is filled with zombies. she tries to run back to the camp only to find out that it's overrun with them.

Laura sees the island is filled with zombies

After seeing them, Laura realized that she needs to fight in order to survive. She then spots a shovel and uses it effectively and kills many zombies in the process. However, she is grabbed by one but she is saved by Brown Anderson, the idol survivor instructor. She then spots Alex in a costume and they each try to make it back to the boat and look for more weapons. When they reach it, they realize Alex was followed by zombies and they use the weapons that Brown has in order to fight them off . While killing them, they realized they were low on ammo and were cornered. They climbed on top of the ship to get away, Alex loses hope and commits suicide. Brown is grabbed by the leg and Laura is the only one on top she kills a few more zombies and then throws the gun. Laura successfully jumps in the ocean and finds Brown is okay but unconscious they flee back to land.

Later Laura formed a team with Brown Anderson, Zi Li, Mayu and Tominaga to survive and escape the island. After Brown showed symptoms of zombification and attacked Laura he forced Takeru to shoot and kill him, entrusting the safety of the Laura and the other surviving girls to Tominaga before dying.

During the battle between Schraube Dämon and Morio Laura ran from the group upon realizing she was infected with the Jǐn Dú virus and slowly becoming a zombie, Takeru chased after her. Despite her pleas for him to kill her while she remained human, Takeru refused, explaining that he did not shoot Brown when he was turning, but that Brown had shot himself, and that much like Brown had given him a choice, he chose to spare Laura rather than kill her on the spot. With the two of them crying, an almost zombified Laura gets away from Takeru because she doesn't want to hurt him, and Takeru wept before running back to help the others.

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Laura saving Tominaga.

After Zi Li revealed herself to be a spy for the Shén Yā Pharmaceutical corporation and proceeded to torture Takeru while dangling him over a massive pit in the facility, striking him repeatedly with a lead pipe to demand information, it was a now zombified Laura that saved him by biting Zi Li and causing her to plummet to the bottom of the pit.

In the epilogue it is revealed that the fall didn't "kill" Laura, and that as a zombie she still roams the island.


Laura was a tall and beautiful woman with blonde hair that reached her chest. She wore a one piece swimsuit that interlocked yellow straps above her chest and around her midriff near her navel with circle like connectors. She wore bracelets on her wrist and one arm bracelet on her left arm, she also wears a necklace with a blue diamond in the middle. For footwear She wore gladiator sandals going up to her knees.



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