Leaving the Mystery Behind is one of three possible endings for Kevin Ryman in the "Flashback" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. This scene occurs if Kevin goes through the abandoned hospital and escapes without defeating Al Lester.


With the Monster Plant killed, the abandoned hospital begins to collapse. Kevin Ryman reflects on his experience, there.


Kevin Ryman: "Woah! Escaping that plant infested hell was a rush! But I don't have time to sit and talk about it... if I don't get out of this town soon the virus will get the best of me, and I'll join those plants myself."

Kevin Ryman: 「「鉢植え屋敷」からの逃走劇…まったくおかしな体験だった」
「だが、 そんな思い出話をいつまでも続けているヒマはない」
「その街から出かれなければ、 いずれ俺自身がおかしくなるからな」



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