"Your dismembered leg. Maybe it can be reattached."
— Inventory description

The Leg (切り落とされた足 kiriotosa reta ashi?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


While playing as Ethan, his right leg can get cut off by certain enemies and has to be reattached by taking the leg and using a First Aid Med. Failure to do so will make Ethan die of blood loss, dying this way will unlock the "Die from loss of blood" RE.NET challenge. Ethan's leg also takes one block of inventory space.

Jack can cut Ethan's leg off if the player attempts to unlock the hatch in the Pantry while Jack is behind him. He will give Ethan a First Aid Med while taunting him. During the fight in the Processing Area, Jack can cut off Ethan's leg by doing a low swipe. A Blade Molded can do a special attack that will cut off Ethan's leg if not avoided.




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