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Leon Chapter 1 is the first level of Leon's Story in Resident Evil 6. It takes place in the fictional American city of Tall Oaks on June 29, 2013. Shortly after release, a Title Update split Chapter 1 into five sub-chapters: "Campus - Visitors Room"; "Campus"; "Underground"; "The Town", and "Gun Shop".

Plot summary[]

After Leon is forced to kill the infected President Benford during a visit to Ivy University, both he and Helena are contacted by Hunnigan, who expresses relief after knowing that both of them are safe. Hunnigan suggests that they focus on escaping from Tall Oaks but Helena insists that she and Leon go to Tall Oaks Cathedral first, claiming that Leon has a lead for the cause of Tall Oaks Outbreak.

After the conversation with Hunnigan, Leon and Helena attempt to escape the campus and encounter two survivors, Liz and her father. Whilst on the elevator, Liz unfortunately turns into a zombie, killing her father and attacking Leon and Helena. She is quickly neutralized by both agents. The two successfully escape from the campus, gaining access to a patrol car. However, the car is swarmed by zombies and tumbles, forcing the two to proceed to the city by going underground.

Leon and Helena eventually arrive at the surface and find survivors fending off Zombies. They and the remaining survivors seek refuge in a nearby gunshop and defend it from an endless hoard of zombies. One of the survivors, Peter, impulsively leaves the gunshop on his own only to be killed by a Bloodshot. The group of survivors escape from the gunshop and get onto a school bus parked outside. While defending the bus from the hoard and a Whopper barring its path, two more survivors are killed. Eventually Leon, Helena, and the others are able to flee the area successfully.


Leon: Adam... I'm sorry...
So what's so special about this church? You have some sins to confess?

Helena: It's hard to explain. If I don't tell you at the may not believe me.

Leon walks out of the room

Leon: You're gonna tell me everything once we get to the cathedral. Deal?

Helena: Deal.

Before breaching the door.

Leon: You see one of them, aim for the head. It's your best bet.

Helena: Got it.

After breaching the door.

Leon: This was where the reception was gonna be. They'd all be eating dinner right now if...

Helena: ...You think anyone survived?

Leon: I hope so.
I can't believe this is happening again. It's just like Raccoon.

Helena: The Raccoon City incident. You were one of the survivors.

Leon: Yeah... I'll never forget it. We're going to this cathedral of yours- but if you really did have a hand in this... You can kiss your freedom goodbye.

Helena: I know.

After climbing down the stairs and seeing the shadow

Helena: What was that?

Leon: Only one way to find out... Let's go!

While hearing sounds from the kitchen

Leon: In the back!

{Cutscene start}

Liz's father: Wait! Don't shoot! (coughs profusely)

Leon: Are you all right?

Liz's father: The fog...

Helena: What?

Liz's father: The fog... It came out of nowhere.

The three of them hears a scream

Liz's father: Liz!

Leon: Wait!

Liz's father: Let me go!

Leon: It's too dangerous!

Liz's father: My daughter! She's all alone! If we don't do something...

Leon: All right, I get it. But if you don't keep it down, you won't live to save her. You understand?

Liz's father: Liz...

Leon: Is that your daughter? All right, let's find her.

Helena: Leon, we don't have time to-

Leon: We're making the time.
{Cutscene end}

Liz's father: Liz... Where are you?

Helena: What was that sound?

Rats bursts through the ducts

Leon: They're scared...

Helena: Who turned the lights off?

Leon: Stay sharp.

A chandelier collapses

Leon: That's quite a draft!

Liz's father: We need to find her.

Leon: We will. Just stay close.

Liz's father: Thank you...

After opening the door

Liz's father: Liz? Liz! Please answer. It's your daddy, Liz!

If the player is using Leon and decides to go upstairs where the First Aid Spray is found

Leon: Wonder how much time we have before these corpses are on their feet...
You all right?

Liz's father: I will be once I find my daughter. I called her cell, but we got cut off. I know she's here...somewhere.

Leon: We'll need to get the elevator working again.

Liz's father: It's locked but I work here. I've got the keys. Once we're in, we can take my car.

Leon: Thanks. Now, let's find Liz and get the hell outta here.

Liz's father: Liz? Liz, is that you?

Leon: ...Careful.

Liz's father: (As he embraces his daughter) Liz!

Liz: Dad! Where are mom and Liam?

Liz's father: They...they already got out. They're waiting for us at home.

Leon: How do we get out of this place?

Liz's father: The underground parking lot. The elevator is up ahead. Hopefully it still works.

Leon: Let's get this out of our way.

Liz's father: I'm glad you guys were here.

Helena: Oh my God...!

Infected Liz tries to bite Leon

Leon: She's already gone! Shoot her!

Helena: But...! (After killing Liz) I... I can't believe this.

Leon: Well get used to it. It's either them or us - and they don't hesitate.

Helena: Why did this have to happen? (Hearing zombie's moaning) I don't think we're alone in here...

Leon: Helena! Grab your gun. (After a group of zombies enter the elevator) Shit! Don't let them in! (Seeing hordes of zombies outside the parking lot gate) That's our cue to get the hell out of here.

Helena: I couldn't agree more.


Chapter 1-1: Campus- Visitors Room[]

  • Proceed through the campus banquet hall. No enemies will spawn for this portion of the game.
  • Immediately after finding Liz's father, players may find the first Serpent Emblem atop the left cabinet. It must be shot to be collected.
  • Players can find a first aid spray near the dead body at the top of the staircase near the banquet hall after Leon and Helena find Liz's father.
  • The young infected girl will turn in the elevator and must be killed.
  • A horde of regular zombies are found in the parking garage outside the elevator. Players must continue through the door on the far side of the garage to continue to the campus.

Chapter 1-2: Campus[]

  • Immediately at the start, there will be a box of 9mm Ammo to your left. Pick it up and proceed upstairs.
  • Open the door leading to the lecture room and trigger a brief cutscene. Dispose of the zombie that wakes up and proceed downstairs finding another two zombies. Kill both of them and don't forget the green herb in this room.
  • Opening the door to the next classroom will result in a zombie immediately attacking. Kill the zombie and enter the classroom. Another zombie will rise up to attack so quickly dispose of it. Proceed to the back of the classroom and collect the Green Herb. There will also be another zombie playing dead, pass by it and it will try to take you down. Dispose of it and then open the door.
  • Proceed down the stairs and you will find two zombies; one unaware of your presence and another playing dead. You can stealth kill the zombie that is unaware of your presence, but it is best you perform a Quick Shot on it, and perform a melee prompt, not only hitting the zombie but as well as hitting the zombie that is playing dead. Collect the 9mm Ammo and the Green Herb in this room before proceeding.
  • The following classroom includes two zombies and two incendiary grenades on the front desk. Dispose both of them and collect the incendiary grenades. There is also a red herb at the back of the class room.
  • Go outside the classroom and dispose of the zombies. Then continue outside.
  • The outside promenade includes several zombies. A green and red herb sit on a table to the right of the staff building entrance. Kill the zombie in front of you and go to your left. Kill the zombie there and take the two boxes of 9mm Ammo. Proceed to the gate and examine it.
  • You will have to find the key card for the gate. Go to the room where we earlier saw two survivors get eaten.
  • Two 9mm ammo boxes and an herb lie on the floor near the door in the first hallway entrance. Players should pick up this equipment before trying to open the door, as it will immediately trigger an alarm and a large flood of zombies. Players must survive the wave before progressing.
  • In the first two offices, players may find ammunition and a Serpent Emblem.
  • The campus keycard is located on the shelf in the last accessible room in the building. The zombie behind you will spring up and try to grab you. Dispose of it and continue.
  • Upon returning to the promenade and through the large double-doors, players must go through the metal detector, which will immediately notify a horde of zombies. A throng will attack Leon and Helena outside the room. Instead of killing all of them, players can rush past them down the alley to the cop car to trigger the escape sequence.

Chapter 1-3: Underground[]

Tall Oaks Station

Remember to listen out for oncoming trains.

  • Players can kick boxes to find ammo throughout the level. Upon first entering the train tunnel, the third Serpent Emblem can be find underneath the train car on the right.
  • As players progress down the tracks, trains will periodically zip past. Avoid them as necessary.
  • Several zombie dogs will appear near the can fire on the left.
  • At the second set of tracks, a train car will pass by on the right set of tracks. Players can stick to the left to avoid its path.
  • After defeated a large group of zombies, Helena will have to climb on top of a train car to open a door from the inside and let Leon in. When she first drops down, she will immediately be attacked by a zombie. Players must continue through the train, encountering a few zombies and Spitters before heading up to street level.

Chapter 1-4: The Town[]

  • Climb up the stairs leading to the city and a fireman zombie will try to hit you with an axe. After the zombie missed, shoot its arm and you will be prompted to do a melee attack or just shoot the canister on its back. If you shoot the canister, the zombie that is feasting on a corpse will turn to you.
  • As you proceed, there will be a car skidding of the road and crashing. Ignore the zombies on the way and destroy the crates to find either a skill point or an ammunition.
  • There will be a man stuck under a car and you have to push it with your partner. After doing so a motorcyclist will crash and is sent flying due to it. Ignore the group of zombies ahead of you and make a left leading to a ladder.
  • Proceed to the other platform and pull down the zombie, saving ammo.
  • Break the door down with your partner and you'll see a burning car and groups of zombies going down the street. Ignore them and go to the alley. Kill the zombie with the flashlight and destroy the crates before climbing up the ladder. After climbing up the ladder, the zombie is unaware of your presence, take this as an advantage and perform the environmental attack.
  • Push the rubble out of your way and get on top of the bus. Drop down from it and proceed forward. Do not go straight as the ambulance will hit you. Instead, go right where there is a door leading to a bar. As you proceed to the back door, there will be a zombie playing dead. It will pounce on your partner after you move past it. Kill the zombie and destroy the crate. Once you get inside the house, go through the room and examine the locked door.
  • You will have to go back to the living room and take the key from the corpse. A zombie will rise up behind you. Quickly dispose of it and return to the locked door. The zombie leaning on the wall will try to pounce you. Kill it and unlock the door.
  • You will find the Shotgun on the dead body after unlocking the door. Take it and destroy the crates taking whatever is in there and open the door with your partner to proceed.
  • You'll encounter your first Shrieker. This creature only screams at you, dealing little damage but attracting zombies' attention.
  • Equip your shotgun and chase the Shrieker through the building. Kill any zombies that gets in your way and once you have the Shrieker in close range, blast it with the Shotgun. You can wait until its throat to turn red or just do it manually by shooting it.
  • Once it is dead, clear any zombies in the area. Proceed to the barred door and examine it. Turn back and go up the stairs and have Helena jump to the other side of the platform.
  • You'll have to hold yourself from oncoming horde of zombies while Helena is pushing the garbage dump. Equip your Wing Shooter and perform a throw after a zombie has been dazed by a headshot. This should help in conserving ammo.
  • Once Helena has unbarred the door, you can clear out the remaining zombies in the area or just proceed into the bar. Before going out, destroy the crate behind the counter. There is also an emblem behind you before going your way out to the streets.
  • After going out to the streets, there will be survivors outside the gas station. Clear out the zombies until a brief cutscene of a Shrieker plays.
  • Wait for the Shrieker to drop down from the truck. Once you have a clear shot, shoot it before it has any chance to scream.

Note: Do not stand on where the survivors were on before as a vehicle will crash there. If you are hit by it, you will either be put in Dying status or instant death.

  • Once the vehicle has crashed, the door on the vehicle's back will open, revealing two zombie soldiers wielding a Magnum. Dispose of them with an Incendiary Grenade.
  • A survivor will order you to shoot the gas sprouting from the ground. Do so and a brief cutscene will play.
  • Follow the survivors to the gun shop. Open the door with your partner and proceed to the next area.

Chapter 1-5: Gun Shop[]

  • Enter the shop and once inside, Peter will go upstairs and try to demand the owner to let them inside the room. Once you are free to move, collect the two boxes of 9mm Ammo, a first aid spray and two incendiary grenades. A brief cutscene showing hordes of zombies heading towards the gun shop.
  • Defend the shop from oncoming zombies until a cutscene plays. Peter will run out of patience and goes out to the streets.
  • Once you regain control, continue defending the shop. This time, zombies will be coming out from a newly broken window. This will become a bit of a problem as you have to move around the shop to look out for zombies. A cutscene will play showing Peter getting killed by a Bloodshot.
  • Once you're in control again, a Bloodshot will come in and try to attack you. Keep your distance from it and unload your Shotgun on the creature. If it is kneeling on the ground, get close and do a melee prompt. Repeat this method until it dies.
  • Once the situation starts to get quite, the window shutters will close and the gun owner will now allow you to go in the room upstairs.
  • Go upstairs and collect the Red Herb, a box of 9mm Ammo in the drawer and a remote bomb on the sofa.
  • You'll have to do another defending again as waves of zombie will try to come in the room.
  • Plant a Remote Bomb if zombies has started to gather. Gain yourself some distance and detonate it. Defend the shop until the Japanese boy has fixed the shutters. And go in the next room.
  • When you have a chance, take the Shotgun Shells in the drawer and a Green Herb on the desk.
  • After that, a Whopper will burst out of the door. Get around the creature and go back to the room where it burst out from.
  • Start shooting on its legs until it is stunned while watching fro zombies.
  • After it is stunned, perform a coup de grace. Repeat the method until it dies.
  • Once it is dead, go to the back door leading to the roof. Before doing so, let the Japanese boy open the door. Take the two incendiary grenades in the room. Head upstairs and take the Remote Bomb before going outside.
  • After the cutscene, plant the Remote Bomb on the Whopper's path. Once it has vaulted over the fence, detonate the bomb.
  • Defend yourselves until the bus gets here. When bus has arrived, wait for the gun shop owner to open the door and shoot any zombies trying to attack you.
  • Follow the survivors to the bus. Once inside it, shoot any zombies that are inside it and focus fire on the Whopper blocking your path. Be careful with the acid spitters as they can be an annoyance sometimes. A cutscene will play once enough damage has been dealt to the Whopper, ending the first chapter.

Scoring guide[]

Leon Chapter 1 Ranking System[1]
Conditions S Rank A Rank (25 points per medal) B Rank (20 points per medal) C Rank (15 points per medal) D Rank (10 points per medal) E Rank
Accuracy - 70.0% or above 60.0 to 69.9% 50.0 to 59.9% 49.9% or below -
Deaths - 2 or less 3 to 5 6 to 7 8 or more -
Clear Time - 1:25'00" or shorter 1:25'01" to 1:50'00" 1:50'01" to 2:10'00" 2:10'01" or longer -
Enemies Routed - 80 or more 60 to 79 40 to 59 39 or less -
Rank 100 points 90 pts or more 75 pts or more 55 pts or more 45 pts or more 40 pts or less


Further notes[]

  • On the campus during Chapter 1-2, several of the US flags are hanging from different positions. Some are hanging upside down, while others are completely mirrored. Many flags hanging next to one another do not match positions.
  • In the room where Leon/Helena has to obtain the key - the room where the family appears to be dead - the TV makes a report. However, when the news reporter mentions "individuals", the subtitles instead say "indivual".
  • In the fighting on the Tall Oak streets, the player will encounter what seems to be zombified BSAA soldiers. However, as one of the plot points in the game is that the BSAA has no jurisdiction in the United States, this is simply a re-use of existing skins. Some are seen near police SWAT vans, possibly indicating they are infected SWAT officers.
  • When walking through the front room of a (seemingly-) dead family lounging on their furniture, the television will continuously deliver a news report and lose signal. The news report regards the sudden disappearance of a submarine some three days earlier. This is in reference to the ending of Ada Chapter 1.
  • Upon reaching the survivors at the gas station, the police officer mentions that it is his "First day on the job" (à la Resident Evil 2). Surprisingly, Leon doesn't mention anything about his identical experience.



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