Leon Chapter 2 is a chapter of Leon Story in Resident Evil 6. Leon and Helena make it into the Tall Oaks Cathedral, beneath which lie the secrets behind the bioterror incident. Helena renews her vow to tell what she knows as soon as they rescue her sister Deborah, held somewhere in the catacombs.

Plot summary


Leon and Helena find Deborah.

The chapter starts with Leon and Helena riding on the bus they used to escape from Tall Oaks in. After an incident involving a run-in with zombies, the bus topples to a cliff side. Zombies quickly surround the vehicle and drag the late-Peter's girlfriend the rookie police officer away and killed them. Nearby, a truck driver is being attacked by zombies, leading to a disastrous collision resulting in both vehicles being knocked off the cliff and destroyed, not before Leon and Helena are thrown out, however. The sole remaining survivor, the bus driver, is killed when the bus suddenly explodes, having failed to get out.

Leon and Helena make their way up to the church, but are forced to fight back a large number of Zombies when a survivor in the building refuses to let them in. Eventually, the survivors in the cathedral allowed them to enter after fending off some Zombies, allowing Leon and Helena to explore the building's puzzle-filled passageways and traps in order to gain entry into a hidden entrance to an underground chamber. Once they succeed in opening the altar, a Lepotica residing beneath the stairs enters the church floor and begins to infect the refugees before Leon and Helena take it down, with the help of any surviving armed refugees.

Moving on downstairs, they reach what appears to be an elaborate prison - a number of cells incarcerating zombies and other C-Virus creatures. Searching for a woman named Deborah, who Helena refuses to answer who she is and her relation to the case, the two stumble onto a research chamber containing footage of a chrysalid in a videotape entitled "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong", which reveals a woman identical in appearance to Ada Wong being birthed from the cocoon. According to Helena, none of these were here three days prior, indicating that she really had been there recently. Deeper in the laboratory, they finally discover Deborah - Helena's sister - who began to experience intense pain. While escorting her to safety, they bump into the real Ada Wong. This meeting takes place just before Deborah succumbs to her C-Virus infection. She mutated into a being capable of growing huge arachnid appendages and fought the trio, in which Helena tried to calm her down, with little to no avail. The trio attempted to escape Deborah using a minecart, but Deborah would chase them down, causing the minecart to crash. Leon and Ada are separated from Helena and her mutated sister, now consumed by the instinct to kill. They ruptured Deborah's appendage, leading her to her demise just when Helena grabbed Deborah's hand. Helena promised to destroy Simmons and avenged Deborah's death, before letting her fall to the depths.

Helena then reveals to Leon and Ada how Simmons took her and Deborah hostage and threatened to harm Deborah. Helena agreed to help as they took Deborah away, believing that her cooperation would save her sister. Ada claimed to know Simmons and how he would behave. She leaves them as Hannigan contacts Leon and Helena. Leon asks if Simmons is there but before they can say anything other than warning her, Simmons makes his appearance.

Walkthrough guide

Chapter 2-1: The Bus

After gaining control of the dazed Leon, you will have to defend yourself from oncoming zombies. If you ran out of 9mm Ammo during Chapter 1, there will be one besides you. Quickly pick it up, reload and begin unloading on some zombies until another cutscene commence.

Chapter 2-2: Forest Cemetery

  • Once the cutscene is finished and regaining control of Leon again, your stamina will be depleted. Stand still for a while to fill it up and once you're done, follow the stoned path while avoiding the slippery hole. If you do fall in one, there's a ladder for you to climb, but be wary as there maybe a zombie that can sneak up from behind.
  • When progressing through the cemetery, each time the thunder roars. a small group of zombies appears in front of you. Dispose of them and follow the stoned path.
  • Once you reach the cabin and the locked gate, eliminate the dog. After doing so, open the stone coffin and pick up the Green Herb. Then examine the gate.
  • Go into the abandoned cabin and pick up the Incendiary Grenade. Open the door with your partner to play a brief scene where an infected dog jumps out of the room.
  • Don't bother shooting it, instead go inside the bathroom and take the box of 9mm Ammo and go back outside. It is revealed that the dog holds the key to the gate.
  • Follow the dog through the cemetery, backtracking your path. Pack of dogs now appear wandering around the cemetery.
  • Equip your shotgun and start blasting the dogs until you find the dog with the key.
  • Dispose of it and grab the key and proceed to the gate. Once you have reached the gate, unlock it and wait for your partner.
  • After you enter another part of the cemetery, you will be separated from your partner. Eliminate the zombie in front of you first and then turn back. The other two zombies behind you will either be killed by Helena or you will have to do it by yourself.


Chapter: 2-3: Cathedral

  • In the Church, player must examine a small statue near the altar. After obtaining the statue, assist partner to jump above a wall with broken ladder. Partner will deploys the other ladder, used for player to climb up, reuniting with his partner. Immediately go to the left and put it in the statue.
  • Player will be prompted to find another identical statue. After obtaining the other statue, return to where player attempts to put the statue. This will perform Partner Action. The altar moves, but didn't opened. A door is opened to continue progress.

Chapter 2-4: Underground Lab

Chapter 2-5: Primitive Altar


Further notes

At the start of the player's exploration of the church, one of the men in the room (the one who wanders near the raised ladder) will describe himself as the father of a man named Marco, who is in the BSAA. This is a reference to Marco Rose, who would serve in the BSAA Alpha Team during their later operation in Lanshiang.


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