Leon Chapter 3 is a chapter of Leon Story in Resident Evil 6. Having discovered Simmons's involvement in the Tall Oaks incident, Leon and Helena must make they way back to the surface before the treacherous advisor manages to blame both of them for the assassination of President Adam Benford.


Derek Simmons was the man who orchestrated the attack in Tall Oaks, which lead to the assassination of the president. As part of his plan, Simmons frames Leon and Helena for the crime, taunting them with the promise to clear their names if they come to him. Having been used by Simmons, and ultimately losing her sister to his treachery, Helena is pushed to the brink.

With the two agents now sharing a common enemy, they vow to bring Simmons to justice, and begin to make their way out of the catacombs. As they fought waves of zombies infesting the ancient catacombs, they eventually end up in the deepest parts of the catacombs, where a shark-like B.O.W. named Brzak lurks. After navigating their way while fending off the shark monster, they managed to return to the surface using an underground waterfall.

However, upon arriving at the surface, Leon and Helena bear witness to yet another tragedy: in what must be an attempt to contain the outbreak, Tall Oaks is eradicated by missile strike. Suffering the same fate as Raccoon City, the once picturesque city is wiped off the map.

Elsewhere, Hannigan find Simmons on his way to China, where by no small coincidence, a similar bioterror attack has begun. She immediately informs Leon and Helena. Prime suspects in the assassination of the president, Leon and Helena, enlist Hannigan's help in faking their own deaths, and then follow Simmons to China


Chapter 3-1: Altar Corridor

Chapter 3-2: Catacombs

Chapter 3-3: Cavern

Chapter 3-4: Underground Water Channel

Further notes

  • There is a snake in one of the coffins at the start of the chapter. Killing it won't give anything to the player.
  • The destruction of Tall Oaks is similar to the Raccoon City sterilization, where both cities are heavily infested by zombies and B.O.W.s and that Simmons is the one behind the sterilization on both Tall Oaks and Raccoon City.


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