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Leon Kennedy was a police officer who was caught up in the Raccoon City outbreak.


Early life[]

Leon spent his summertimes in Raccoon City, Pennsylvania as a child, where his grandparents lived.[1]

A popular cadet at the police academy, Leon was admired by his trainers, and graduated among the top 10%. As such, he was one of around a dozen police officers recruited into the Raccoon City Police Department after Mayor Devlin Harris' August 25 press conference.[2][3]

Hearing about the recent killings, Leon wanted to be a part of the investigation. While he understood Police Chief Irons was a "prick", he expected that his well-written police reports would earn his appraisal and be put on the case.[1]

Raccoon City[]

His first shift was to begin at 9 PM on October 3. The night before, he called the Desk Sergeant from New York, to warn them he might be late, but no one answered. He was proven right the next day when busy New York traffic shaved off so much of his free time he would arrive into the city and have to do his shift right then and there, unable to check out his new apartment in the Trask district. At one point he resorted to getting changed into his uniform at a "rest stop" to cut off a few more minutes.[4]

At around eight thirty PM, still ten miles away from the city limits, a dog jumped in front of the car, causing it to swerve and almost hit a road sign. Leon became nervous, remembering that reports of vicious animal attacks were related to the cannibal killer reports.[5] It was also at this point that Leon noticed something strange about the road; he had only passed a few sedans along his trip - the road was too quiet.[6]


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