Monolith Soft
(Cross-over metaverse)

Leon S. Kennedy was a US government agent who was caught up in the third of series of interdimensional shifts.


Chapter 9 : A Part of Me I Can't Let Go

Leon was sent to investigate the restored Tall Oaks Cathedral along with the sightings of gold chains. By the time he arrived, the gold chains disappeared. He went inside to investigate the church thoroughly. As he investigated the building, Leon felt confused as why the building is left untouched as opposed to being destroyed by the missile strike. He was then greeted by the appearance of Ada, who was also there for the same purpose. They both have an exchange before being intruded by Ouma's Saya. Leon questions her identity to which she states that she is an agent of Shinra to gain Leon's trust. Shortly after, Chris' group makes an appearance. Saya attempts to frame the Shinra agents and company by saying that they are Ouma. The group then engages in a banter, Chris recognizes Leon and calls out to him. He recognizes Chris and Jill at first but is unconvinced due to their appearance from 2005. In the midst of the chaos, Saya summons monsters for the group to fight while Ada escapes. Confused, Leon is reluctant to help the group until he is convinced. Mid way in battle, the Ustanak appears from the underground facility, which resulted in Leon being convinced and decided to help the Shinra agents' group.



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