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ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

Leon S. Kennedy was a rookie police officer who was caught up with the incident in Raccoon City.[1]


USS timeline[]

In one version of events, the USS Delta Team found Leon while awaiting extraction outside the Raccoon Police Station. USS Command, who also took notice of the survivor, refused to allow the team's evacuation until he was neutralised.

Leon escaped the group and made his way to Dr. Birkin's underground laboratory with Claire Redfield; Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong. During their exploration there, Leon stood by Ada as she seemingly died. The Delta Team arrived soon after to find both Leon and the "dead" Ada gone.

After leaving the facility, Leon; Claire and Sherry fled to Lonsdale Yard, fully aware that Umbrella's agents were hunting them. The USS team succeeded in eliminating the Army SpecOps units protecting the three, however.

Depending on the player's preference, the USS can either succeed in killing Leon after an in-fight, or choose to let him go.

SpecOps timeline[]

A distress call as been received from Leon, informing Spec Ops command of the whereabouts of Sherry and Claire. Echo Six makes their way the survivors in order to secure a safe extraction. As Echo Six converged on the position of Leon, the Parasite Super Tyrant attacked the squad in a large ditch just outside the train yard. After taking a significant amount of damage, the creature is defeated. Leon, Claire and Sherry are then evacuated on the chopper as command tells Echo Six to stay behind for one last mission that only they can accomplish.



  • "All right, let's do this the hard way!"
  • "Heads up."
  • "Claire - fire!"
  • "Thanks for the backup."


Leon also appears as a playable character in Heroes Mode.


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