Leon S. Kennedy (レオン・S・ケネディ Reon S. Kenedi?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6.[1] As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.

In the official English localization, references to War on Terror and 9/11 were removed, which are mentioned in the original Japanese script.[2]


See Serpent Emblems guide.

The file can be obtained by breaking the Serpent Emblem in the kitchen.[1]

After unlocking the file in the Collections menu, an extended version of the file can be found by accessing Resident Evil.net.


At 36 years of age, Leon S. Kennedy is the most respected agent working for the U.S. government, reporting directly to the president himself.

The horrors he witnessed as a result of a biohazard outbreak, known as the Raccoon City Incident, left him with a deep-rooted hatred of bioterrorism and those who would use it.

While his demeanor is calm and rational, it should not be mistaken for apathy. He will take the initiative on any mission he's been assigned, often putting himself in danger in order to save the innocent.

He takes his missions seriously, making decisions cautiously and logically. From time to time, however, his sardonic wit will surface, recalling his time as a good-natured rookie cop with a sense of duty who was able to maintain his sense of humor even in tough times.

Leon also played a large part in the founding of the Division of Security Operations (DSO). Below is a report sent to Leon from the president.

I am writing to report that the creation of the new organization we discussed, the Division of Security Operations, is officially underway.

The bioterrorism we have seen in recent years has surpassed the level the organizations currently in operation can cope with. Your advice was invaluable in establishing the DSO.

Agents will be under my direct authority and support will be provided by the FOS. You will be its first founding member. I am sure you will make our nation proud and do all that you can to protect its people.

Together we can rid the world of these terrorists, along with the disgusting B.O.W.s they created.

Adam Benford
President of the United States of America
February 2, 2011[3]


そのレオンが設立に大きく関与した組織が、エージェント集団のDSO(Division of Security Operations)である。


「【DSO設立について】合衆国大統領アダム・ベンフォード 2011.2.2


DSO(Division of Security Operations)を設立することにした。



36 years old. Agent under the direct control of the U.S. President.
He is an agent with proven abilities that the U.S. government has heavy trust for.

Due to the circumstances he once encountered in the large-scale biohazard in Raccoon City, he has a strong resentment for bioterrorism.

Although he has a calm and composed personality, he has the flexibility to take bold actions in a situation.

As an agent, Leon began to mature and became more prudent with his behavior.

However, he has a sense of humor and occasionally cracks jokes, and has a strong sense of justice that hasn't changed since he was assigned to Raccoon City as a rookie police officer.

Leon heavily participated in the establishment of the DSO (Division of Security Operations) organization, a group of agents.

We can confirm one part of the situation just before its establishment from the following document.


"[About the DSO Establishment] United States President Adam Benford 2011.2.2

Leon S. Kennedy

Regarding the agent organization you and I have discussed for some time, I'm here to report that we're ready to begin its official inauguration. The United States has clearly not yet put an end to the long War on Terror after 9.11. On the contrary, it was exposed to the new menace of bioterrorism, and recently it's become difficult to confront these through the conventional organizational framework.

Thus, in accordance with the above and based on your advice, I've decided to establish the DSO (Division of Security Operations), an organization of agents under the President's direct control.

FOS will fully support the DSO.

Leon. As a DSO founding member, I'll have you operate a great deal.

To protect the United States from the threat of bioterrorism.

To eradicate every damned B.O.W. from this world.

Together, we will fight at the risk of our lives"




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