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Leon Scoot Kennedy[note 1] was a police officer attached to the Raccoon City Police Department. He later became a member of the B.H.S.T..


Early life

As a young boy, Leon witnessed his father being shot by a mohawked man while out exploring.[1] This turned him to the police force as a career option. In 1998, he received training as a police special forces officer, but was forced to leave his team when he was assigned to Raccoon City. On the way, he heard a radio news bulletin about a mysterious communications blackout in the city, which other police forces were investigating.[2][excerpt 1]

Raccoon City

Arriving in Raccoon City, Leon made his way through the deserted streets, driving past a number of smashed cars. In front of him lay the body of a woman, prompting him to stop by and investigate. Examining the body, he found that her chest cavity has been hollowed out, surprisingly leaving the bone itself intact. A gang of zombies approached. Leon was quick to react and readied his handgun, only for a Licker to completely destroy their bodies with its tongue-whip in an explosion of intestines. It swiped at Leon, who escaped by limboing to the floor and shooting back from safety. With the Licker now further away, Leon fired straight into its heart. It licked the wound, and with a display of agility, it escaped Leon's sight, looming over him from a street light.

It jumped to the ground alongside him and tried to slash at him with its tongue, barely missing him. Leon delivered a powerful kick to the B.O.W. As it skid onto the floor, Leon fired at it, though missed. He fired a second, third and fourth time. Each time, the Licker used its impressive agility to get out of the way until it was able to make its strike at him.

With the creature jumping at him, Leon fell to the round, allowing him to kick it as it is was the air, sending the creature flying into a white car. Unable to defeat it with his handgun, Leon took out a knife, and the two slashed at each other. With the Licker injured, it admitted defeat and fled. By swinging onto the lamppost, it jumped onto nearby building walls, though Leon began chasing it.

Leon rushed into an alleyway, chasing the Licker. While moving through, a fellow survivor, Claire, walked through a door into the alleyway, fleeing from a zombie. He called to her to get down as he shot the new threat. With the enemy dispatched, Leon grabbed Claire up from a trash can and the two raced to an abandoned police cruiser.

Arriving and parking at the police station, the two readied their weapons. Leon carefully opened the front gate, and they made their way inside through the front door to find the main hall completely deserted. In an adjacent office, the two found a semi-conscious police officer. As he explained to them what had happened to the city, Leon used a First Aid Spray to disinfect his wounds; unfortunately, the man continued to fade towards unconsciousness.

Leon and Claire picked him up. Unfortunately, he transformed into a zombie as they walked him. Leon fought him off, though the man proved to be just as strong as him. Thrown off the zombie, Leon was finally able to aim his handgun at the zombie and put him out of his mystery. It was at this moment that a mysterious, red-dressed woman arrived through another door and shot the zombie in the head. She promptly introduced herself as Ada Wong.



  1. In all times his middle name is given, he is referred to as "Scoot"
  1. Excerpt from BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1, page 10 (Chinese: 而且更失去聯絡!現在警方正調查中!; Pinyin: Érqiě gèng shīqù liánluò! Xiànzài jǐngfāng zhèng diàochá zhōng!
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