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"If I could just forget what happened that night, the pain—even for a second. This time, it can be different. It has to."
— Leon S. Kennedy[2]


Leon Scott Kennedy is an American federal agent operating under the direct Presidential command, nicknamed "Condor One". Kennedy is a known survivor of the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, as a rookie police officer. Following his escape with two other survivors, he was conscripted into a classified military taskforce.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)[]

"This is not how I imagined my first day..."
— Leon commenting on his first day as a Raccoon City Police Officer[3]

Kennedy successfully received a job offer at the Raccoon Police Department following his academy graduation. In September 1998, originally having supposed to start his job on September 25th, he received a cryptic phone call urging him not to report in for work. Nonetheless his concern eventually won out and drove to the city on the night of 29 September, unaware the city was at the grip of a t-Virus outbreak.

Leon - Resident Evil 2 remake

Kennedy arrives at Raccoon City.

When Kennedy arrived at the Mizoil Gas Station just outside the city to fill up on gas, he heard a crash inside and went to investigate. Inside, he encountered a Zombie eating a police officer and fled the station,[4] running into Claire Redfield outside. They quickly hijacked an Arklay County Sheriff's Department patrol car instead.[5] Unfortunately, the car was destroyed when a gasoline tanker collided with it, and the two were separated and travelled to the police station independently.[6]

RE2 Leon Oct8 screen11

Kennedy investigating the police station with a Zombie close behind him

The station itself had already fallen to Zombies, and the only unzombified police officers were the injured Lt. Marvin Branagh; Elliot Edward, and Police Chief Brian Irons. When Leon tried to pull Elliot through an emergency shutter door, the zombies severed the officer's torso, causing him to die a few seconds later. After being rescued by Marvin Branagh, he was briefed on the situation and told that Elliot had found the secret passageway that could lead out of the station.

Once he entered the passageway underneath the station, he encountered Dr. William Birkin, who fell into an abyss after being defeated by Leon. In the police station's basement, Kennedy met Ada Wong, a corporate spy from one of Umbrella's rival companies sent to steal the G-Virus. To protect the mission, she claimed to be an FBI agent looking for proof of Umbrella USA's illegal bio-weapons project. She soon became aware of Ben Bertolucci, a freelance journalist who she believed had uncovered useful information for her mission while spying on Umbrella researchers. Although Bertolucci was able to uncover information on a conspiracy between Umbrella USA and the local police, which was the reason for his arrest, it wasn't enough for her mission.

Ben was soon after killed by the T-00 B.O.W. sent to kill survivors in the station. Kennedy and Wong continued on to the city's sewers, where they found transport to NEST, Umbrella's laboratory dedicated to G-Virus research. Kennedy was left to do much of the work himself when in the laboratory; though he himself had suffered a gunshot wound, Wong's leg injury made her unable to continue.

Leon Sherry Claire escapes Raccoon after defaet Birkin

Kennedy, Claire and Sherry escape the Raccoon City after eliminating mutant Birkin.

During the exploration of the laboratory, Kennedy became aware of Wong's real mission after Annette Birkin told him that she was a mercenary. After he cornered her, she fell off a shaft, though she successfully escaped the facility as it began to self-destruct without the G-Virus sample. Fleeing to NEST's bottom platform, Kennedy was reunited with Claire and the young Sherry Birkin, who had been infected with G-Virus but was vaccinated by DEVIL to halt her mutations. The facility was destroyed, with Dr. William Birkin perishing soon after.

Following his escape from the city, Kennedy was headhunted by the US military for his survival skills and was pressed into service with a top-secret special operations task force.

Operation Javier (2002)[]

RE4MAKE Jack Krauser (2)

Leon training with Maj. Krauser prior to Operation Javier

In 2002, Kennedy had been chosen to take part in Operation Javier, a special operation intended to take down several drug cartels that took years to plan. He was placed under the command of Major Jack Krauser, who trained him in close-quarters knife combat and battle tactics.[7] Kennedy was deployed alongside Krauser and a number of other soldiers into the jungle. As the mission continued, the group were gradually overwhelmed by an unknown enemy and abandoned by their superiors. Though unclear whether the mission's objectives were met, Kennedy and Krauser emerged as the only survivors, their compatriots dying as a result of the mission. Operation Javier was soon covered up by the government, including Kennedy's involvement.[8]

Los Illuminados Incident (2004)[]

"Story of my life."
— Leon before entering the Island.

In 2004, President Graham's daughter was abducted on the way home, in what had hallmarks of an inside job. American spies reported having seen the girl, Ashley Graham, in Spain and tracked her to an isolated, rural community.[9] With all government agents being thoroughly investigated to identify the mole, Kennedy was sent alone to investigate the area.

RE4MAKE Mario Fernandez Castaño (4)

Leon and Officers en route to Valdelobos

Receiving an reliable intel from the US Secret Agency that Ashley Graham, code-named Baby Eagle, the abducted daughter of the current President Graham, was last sighted in the region, Leon arrives at Valdelobos, a remote, mountainous village located in Spain along with two local cops from Cuerpo Nacional de Policía who the chief sent to assist him with the search. Arriving at the remote location, officer Castaño excuses himself into the forest. Finding that the officer had gone for an extended amount of time, Leon goes outside to search for the officer while the other remains in the car.


Leon stumbles upon Hunter's Lodge

He sets off after Castaño's trail and stumbles on the old and dilapidated Hunter's Lodge. Entering the lodge, Leon explores its surroundings and encounters the resident of the lodge, who acts in strange behavior. Leon asks the man in Spanish if he had seen the missing officer, but no answers are given. Looking around the room, he notices the bloody badge of officer Castaño and is suddenly attacked by the seemingly crazed man, though he manages to dodge and inadvertently break his neck. Hearing officer Castaño scream, Leon follows the sound down the basement, where he discovers his mutilated corpse, as well as the radio emitting requests for help from the other, before the signal breaks up. In the basement, Leon hears a sudden crack coming from the upstairs and sees the villager, who approaches him despite the broken neck, with tentacles now sprouting from his wounds, but manages to kill the man.

Leon in Village Square

Leon in Village Square

Leon makes his way back to the main part of the lodge and discovers evidence that Ashley is being held in Lago, the lake part of Valdelobos. Leon informs his agency's support operative Ingrid Hunnigan of his discovery. Having found a lead, Leon escapes the pursuers and proceeds further into the village square, where he witnesses the ritualistic burning and execution by pyre of the remaining police officer by the villagers. He soon finds himself quickly surrounded by the villagers of Valdelobos, including a crazed man who wears a sack as a mask and wields a chainsaw but buys enough time for until the church's bell rings, rendering the villagers docile and dropping their weapons before retreating back to the Town Hall. Leon stands outside, puzzled by the villagers' actions and left confused about what had just occurred.

Mendez prepares to inject Leon

Méndez prepares to inject Leon

Shortly afterwards, Hunnigan contacts and informs Leon of a path to the lake by the large windmill and encounters the burnt house where he hears banging noise emitting from the cellar. Inside, Leon discovers a captured man writhing in a body bag and removes his restrains. Leon meets a man named Luis Serra Navarro and attempts to rescue him until the chief of the local village named Bitores Méndez intercepts and disarms Leon and throws him across the room, leaving him incapacitated. In his knocked-out state, Méndez approaches and injects him with the egg of Las Plagas.

Leon and Luis trapped in chains

Leon and Luis captured

In his incapacitated state, Leon sees the cult leader Osmund Saddler, who presents him with their "most sacred body," and the process begins now. Leon awakens and finds himself in restraints alongside Luis, who knows that he is searching for the missing Ashley and had heard chatter of moving Ashley to another location, which is the old chapel in another part of the village. Before he can talk more, a ganado enters the room and proceeds to attack the pair, though the two manage to lock the Ganado in a strangulation position with their chains. Leon proceeds to yank his chain hard enough to break the Ganado's neck. Luis retrieves the key and frees himself first before leaving the room, with Leon following soon after. Following his breakout, Hunnigan contacts him and is informed of his recent discovery of Ashley's new whereabouts, with Leon asking her to go over a background check in regards to Luis due to his suspicious aura.

Leon opens fire on Mendez

Leon opens fire on Mendez

After traversing through the village, Leon finds himself going through the manor of the village chief, Méndez where he gains the key needed to advance to the chapel but is stopped by Méndez. Leon tries to shoot him, but Méndez shows no visible injury and retaliates by proceeding to strangle him until he sees that Leon's Plaga parasite is advancing and claims that "his blood has accepted the gift." He throws him across the room until he is shot in the head by an unseen woman outside the window. Méndez lets him go and gives chase after the woman, leaving Leon to wonder as to what Méndez meant by "gifted."


Leon passed out on the lake

Recovering from his attack, Hunnigan contacts Leon and sends her report regarding Luis, which infuriates Leon when he discovers that Luis used to work for Umbrella and laments that he should have left the man to rot. As evening falls, Leon returns to the Village Square only to find that the tower has been destroyed, blocking his path to the chapel. Leon ends up outside the church where he discovers that the cult members have taken Ashley into the church to await Saddler's command and have hidden the key on the other side of the lake Lago to hinder his progress. Leon makes his way to the boat and navigates his way around the lake, but before he can travel far, the boat malfunctions, and Leon is stranded in the middle of the lake where he barely dodges its attacks and manages to entangle its fin with the boat's anchor. Leon engages in a battle with Del Lago and emerges victorious as its body sinks below the lake. Exhausted from the fight, Leon coughs up blood before passing out on the boat.

Once more, Leon begins to see visions of the cult leader Saddler who proudly proclaims that he and Ashley will join his coven and share his holy blessing before Saddler infests Leon with more parasites, causing his body to writhe in pain before waking up to find himself where he was before. Leon pilots his boat back to the mainland where Hunnigan reaches out to him again after three hours of radio silence. As night falls, he comes across the corpses of the two missing hikers with bloody markings previously mentioned to have been the latest in the disappearance.

Leon and Ashley wary

Leon and Ashley are wary of approaching Ganados

On his way back, Leon is forced to fight against another mutated creature, El Gigante, and survives as the creature lies lifeless on the ground. He finally arrives at the church and enters the property where he discovers Ashley's personal items were left around the area. Leon approaches her confinement room where Ashley attempts to subdue him with a candlestick, but Leon disarms her and announces his intentions of rescuing her. However, Ashley rushes outside the room to see that hordes of villagers of Ganados are coming for them after she and Leon see in their vision of Saddler commanding them to "deliver them to salvation". Ashley and Leon are wary as they approach closer.

In the church, Ashley grows concerned about how they will get out of the tight situation, but Leon reassures her and asks her to place her trust in him, just as her father placed his trust in him to get her home safely. Ashley reluctantly agrees, and they both make their way outside the church. Outside, Leon contacts Hunnigan about his successful retrieval of the target, and she sends a chopper and coordinates for their extraction.

After the Cabin Onslaught

The trio after the onslaught

Heavy rainfall descends as the pair begins to make their way to the extraction point. Leon and Ashley arrive at the location, only to find themselves surrounded by hordes of Ganados. In the distance, Luis gestures to them to head inside the cabin, and the pair rush inside for safety. Still furious since his discovery of Luis's record, Leon corners him and attempts to interrogate him but is interrupted as the Ganados begin to make their way around the premises. Leon and Luis hide Ashley away for the meantime while the former holds down the fort against numerous hostiles. After the non-stop onslaught, Ashley reveals an opening path, and the trio fled from the premises, with Leon shooting the chains off that held the wooden portcullis as it cuts them off from further pursuers.


Leon and Ashley making through the collapsing bridge

Hunnigan contacts Leon to inform him that the helicopter will not be able to reach their location due to the worsening weather. She expresses a desire to do something more to help them, but Leon reassures her that they will make it back safely. Leon and Ashley pass through a checkpoint area where they are once again ambushed by the village chief Méndez and pursued throughout the area, with their escape continually hindered by other villagers. Leon and Ashley cross a narrow and fragile wooden passage alongside the cliff's edge, where Ashley gets her leg stuck in wooden planks. Covering for her, Leon shoots the pursuing Ganado, causing the passage to collapse entirely, but they both make it to the other side. Leon looks on as the village chief walks away and continues his pursuit.

Leon battles Mendez

Leon fighting against Mendez

Leon and Ashley go through the old decrepit slaughterhouse, where Leon is ambushed by the village chief. The chief tells them to cease their struggle and submit to the cult's will. Knowing that a battle is inevitable, Leon urges Ashley to escape from the area as he hurls a fuel tank towards the chief and blows it up. This does little to faze him as he reveals his mutated form, and Leon begins his fight. In the end, Méndez dies as Leon survives his encounter with the village chief for the final time. Outside, Ashley breaks a nearby window for Leon to escape from the burning building. Leon thanks Ashley for her rescue, and the pair moves away from the building as it burns to capture the attention of the others. The pair makes their way to the castle and enters the area as the gate behind slowly raises and locks them in.


Salazar reveals himself

After entering the castle, Luis contacts Leon and offers a suppressant that can help slow down the progression of the parasite. He suggests that the three of them meet in the castle's courtyard. Inside, Leon and Ashley meet the castellan of the castle, Ramón Salazar, who demands that Ashley be handed over to spread the parasite all over the world under the will of its cult leader Saddler. Leon and Ashley reject the demand, but they meet with resistance from the zealots. However, they manage to escape.

Fighting through Salazar's armed men, the pair reach the courtyard where Ashley begins to show worsening symptoms. Ashley faints in Leon's arms, and in her place comes a puppeteered Ashley who grabs Leon's knife and tries to attack him but fails. Before Leon can do anything, a gate separates the two as Ashley regains control and horrifyingly realizes that she had unintentionally hurt Leon. Fearing that she will hurt him again, Ashley runs away from Leon.

RE4MAKE Ada Wong (2)

Ada meeting Leon 6 years later

After the tense situation, Leon contacts Hunnigan and informs her of recent events, but he cannot get a hold of her as their signal slowly breaks up, leaving Leon in the dark. Retreating back, Leon tries to track Ashley down throughout the castle when he encounters Ada again for the first time in 6 years. Leon asks her about the organization that she is now working for, but she playfully avoids answering his question. Picking up their bearings, Ada suggests that he abandon Ashley, who she believes is doomed, in the hopes of another chance of encounter, but Leon rejects the proposal. Running out of time, Ada suggests that they continue the discussion at a later date and escapes through the window.


Leon confronts a tearful Ashley

After navigating around, Leon finds a tearful Ashley secluded in a room and attempts to approach her, but she recoils away, fearing that she might be taken control of once again. Leon tries to reassure her when Ashley notices his symptoms and is surprised to find out that he has been implanted as well. Leon consoles and reminds her that it's fine to be afraid, but she can't stop moving forward. He assures her that they will make it out alive, although Ashley is uncertain of the possibility, but she appreciates his encouraging words.

After an emotional bonding between the two, Luis contacts Leon, who is puzzled by his absence, to tell him that he needs help as he is in the ballroom just beyond the courtyard. Leon proceeds to head to his informed location where along the way, he is trapped in a cage which separates him from Ashley. Leon urges Ashley to run as others give chase while he kills his own assailants and defends himself from many more. Ashley successfully frees Leon but is forced to witness her getting taken away by Salazar's henchman Verdugo. When Ada notice her getting carried away to the Throne Room, she contacts Leon and gives him the location.

Leon dangling in a cave

Leon is dropped down into a cave

When Leon reaches the throne room, he sees Ashley being held down by zealots, marked with blood. Before he can take further action, Leon is trampled by Verdugo. He watches as Ashley forcefully drinks the black liquid which Salazar claims will make her suffering much worse. Ashley writhes as her symptoms begin to worsen. Satisfied with showing Leon Ashley's suffering, Salazar bids farewell and orders the Verdugo to toss Leon into a hole below, much to Ashley's distress. Falling below, Leon manages to save himself by grabbing onto a chain used to execute a former zealot. Descending down the cave, Leon confronts the Verdugo and successfully survive the encounter. As Leon waits to reach his floor, his Plaga symptoms worsen as he sees visions of a man taking orders from Saddler to "deliver these vagrant children to their salvation." Upon reaching the mines, Leon sees Luis standing by with the suppressants.

Leon and Luis in the mines

Leon and Luis in the mines

After injecting himself with the suppressants, Luis warns Leon that the suppressant's effect will not last long. But Leon determines that Ashley is still the priority and is willing to die to finish his mission. Luis accompanies along with Leon. Along the way, Leon expresses his lack of trust in someone who used to work for Umbrella, though Luis reassures him that the company is done and is willing to help him out to make amends with the additional reason being that he used to work for Los Iluminados and regrets it. Advancing forward, Leon and Luis find a path to the Blast Furnace where Leon gets grabbed by another El Gigante. Luis tries to pull him back, but the giant's force drags both of them. Luis saves Leon from its grasp, with Leon warning him of the second El Gigante's incoming attack. The two find themselves in a fight against the two creatures. Using the environment to their advantage, the pair manages to slay the creatures.

Leon comforting a dying Luis

Leon comforting a dying Luis

Arriving above, Luis is suddenly stabbed in the back by Jack Krauser, much to Leon's shock and betrayal when he discovers that Krauser has been the mole in Ashley's kidnapping and willingly worked for the cult. Krauser recovers the sample and proceeds to fight Leon in close-quarter combat with a knife. Amidst the fight, Leon tries to reason with him and asks the reason to which he answers. Leon loses the fight against Krauser, though Luis manages to save him by shooting his knife away. Disappointed at his lack of change, Krauser leaves the premises. Heavily injured, Luis slumps to the ground and gives Leon the key to his lab where they can remove the parasites before telling Leon that people can change. Luis dies as Leon regretfully looks on.

Leon sees Ashley getting taken away

Leon witness Krauser taking away Ashley

Leon seeks to avenge his death by going after Krauser and boards the lift to the surface. Inside, Ada gives another tip on Ashley's location being moved to the Clock Tower and informs him that there is still time to save her. From the top, Leon sees Salazar escort Ashley inside the building and goes after their trail. Inside the building, Salazar hands Ashley over to Krauser while reminding him to declare his loyalty to the cause. Before Leon can reach them, Krauser carries Ashley away with the drawbridge raised up, leaving Salazar to face Leon. Salazar taunts Leon, who has had enough of his antics, shoots Salazar in the chest and head as he falls down below.

Still hearing his laugh, Leon faces off against the mutated Salazar as he navigates the surrounding environment to try and kill him. Salazar can only cry out for Saddler's help before succumbing to his injuries inflicted by Leon. Making his way outside, Leon sees Krauser piloting the boat with Ashley as its passenger. He makes haste towards the dock, where Ada appears to have the key for the other boat.

Leon and Ada going to the Island

Leon and Ada going to the Island

On the boat ride, Leon confides in Ada about how he has changed along with the world following the destruction of Raccoon City. He explains that saving one life often results in the deaths of hundreds more, and he asks Ada if she has changed as well or if she continues to use him for her own agenda, like she did six years ago. However, Ada gives no answer and leaves Leon as he pilots the boat to the docking point.

Leon sitting by Ashley's side

Leon sitting by Ashley's side

On the rocky shores, Leon witnesses heavily reinforced entry and Krauser taking Ashley inside the base. Successfully infiltrating the base, Leon discovers that unconscious Ashley is being kept inside a room that requires a level access keycard. Acquiring the necessary keycard, Leon opens Ashley's cell and sees that her symptoms are worsening by the minute. Taking the last suppressant, Leon injects Ashley with the serum, successfully buying her some time. Beginning to feel his dose wearing out, Leon exhaustively sits by Ashley's side until she wakes up.

After waiting for some time, Ashley awakens and is informed of Luis's passing. She vows to get rid of the parasites in their bodies for his sake. Leon contacts Ada to find the location of Luis's laboratory, and she responds that important facilities are usually housed at the top of the summit. Knowing where to go, the pair sets out to reach the top. On the way up, Ashley reminisces about the moments they worked well as a team and expresses her desire to become an agent like Leon. However, he reaffirms that their main priority is to escape.

Leon and Ashley confronts Saddler

Leon and Ashley confronts Saddler

Entering the Amber Storeroom, Saddler and his followers reveal themselves, with Saddler introducing himself as the speaker for the cult. Leon responds by shooting Saddler in the eye, but the injury heals itself quickly afterwards. Saddler incapacitates Leon under his control and takes ahold of Ashley, whom he commands to kill. Ashley forcefully picks up the gun, but she regains enough control that she barely misses Leon and kills the other two followers. Before she can shoot Leon, the gun jams, forcing Saddler and his followers to escort Ashley out of the premise. After they have moved far enough away, Leon is released from Saddler's control and retrieves his gun.

Leon facing against mutated Krauser

Leon facing against mutated Krauser

Chasing after Ashley, Leon comes across Krauser who taunts Leon for his lack of judgement and mocks him for his inability to save anyone, causing Leon to snap about Krauser's own reasons for working with the cult, with the latter seeing that power is the most important thing and how the cult granted him that. They both proceed to fight to the death as Leon tries to make his way towards the tower where Ashely is held. Outmatched, Krauser begins to mutate his arm as Leon makes his way to the entrance of the tower, but he arrives late as the drawbridge raises up, and Krauser appears behind him, now with the other arm mutated. The two duel with each other, and Leon emerges victorious as Krauser is incapacitated from inflicted injuries. Acknowledging that his death is inevitable, Krauser tells Leon to do what he has to do, and Leon stabs Krauser in the heart with his own knife, killing him. Before drawing his last breath, Krauser proudly tells Leon that he has trained him well, and Leon agrees with the sentiment. The drawbridge raises back down, and Leon enters, though not before a regretful glance back at Krauser's body.

On top of the building, Leon looks out at their heavily secured sanctuary, with Ashley escorted inside by Saddler's followers. As Leon makes his way across, he is assisted by Mike who pilots a combat chopper sent by Hunnigan but the former is stopped by swarms of Novistadors that surround the vehicle and damage its parts, causing it to burst into flames and spiral out of control, ultimately crashing and killing Mike. Enraged at Saddler, Leon determines to put him in his grave.

Confrontation in the Altar

Confrontation in the Altar

Arriving at their sanctuary, Leon sees Ashley unconsciously laying at the stone altar and tries to reach her, but is stopped in his tracks by Saddler, who tells him that their bodies and thoughts are connected through the "Holy Body" and persuades him into accepting the gift, like Ashley. Furious, Leon lunges at Saddler, but the plaga progresses through his body at a fast rate until he is nearly under its control. Ada arrives at the scene and fires bullets at Saddler, buying Leon and Ashley enough time to escape as she cuts them off from pursuers. With limited time, the pair stumbles their way to Luis's Laboratory, with Leon seeing visions clouding over his sight but not stopping from reaching it. Using the key entrusted by Luis, the pair arrives at the laboratory where Ashley is set up for removal first, as Leon commences the painful process. Happy that Ashley is now safe from harm, Leon faints on the floor.

Final showdown against Saddler

Leon and Ada confronts mutated Saddler

In his incapacitated state, Ashley successfully moves Leon for parasite removal with the pair now free from Saddler's control.Outside, Leon and Ashley notice Ada being held captive, intended as bait to lure Leon out. Sensing danger, Leon leaves Ashley behind and heads towards the location where he frees Ada from her restraints. Leon is soon swarmed by swarms of Novistadors, and Saddler shortly appears, attempting to strangle him. Ada saves him as the two confront the mutated Saddler, who charges at both of them, separating the pair. Leon faces Saddler and successfully beats him as he falls into the sea below but mutates once more into a giant mass creature. He holds out long enough for Ada to toss him a rocket launcher, which he uses to severely weaken the creature. Finally exposed, Leon uses Saddler's staff and impales him, vanquishing the creature.

Destruction of the Island facility

Leon and Ashley witness the facilities destruction

Leon attempts to retrieve the Amber, but it is picked up by Ada, who tells Leon of the arrangement made. Ada offers a ride on the helicopter, but Leon refuses, knowing that this is the point where they depart. Ada leaves the premises as the facilities on the island explode, and Ashley arrives at the scene. Leon rushes Ashley, and the two head towards the dock and ride in a water scooter left behind by Ada, and navigate their way around the collapsing cave and burning facilities. Making it out, the two witness the destruction of the island. Ashley offers to put Leon in her protection detail, but Leon refuses, seeing how she can handle herself. The two make their way home as Hunnigan finally reaches contact with Leon.


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