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Leon Scott Kennedy (レオン・S・ケネディ Reon Esu Kenedi?) was a member of an underground anti-Umbrella organization. He was formerly a member of the Raccoon City Police Department.


Raccoon City

"Hey! It's up to us to take out Umbrella!"
At the age of 21, Leon requested assignment to work for the Raccoon City Police Department upon graduating from the police academy. His reason of choice was because of the widely publicised murders taking place in and around the Arklay Mountains.[1] He arrived at Raccoon City on September 29, 1998, a day later than he was scheduled to. Due to the events in Raccoon City, this would be his first and only day as a police officer.

On September 29, 1998, Leon arrived in Raccoon City for his assigned police department. Having overslept, the sun had long since set when he reached the city limits via a highway. Seemingly abandoned as a blockade by the U.S. military earlier, he was unaware of the t-Virus outbreak.

Upon reaching the city's business district, Leon stopped his car to inspect a body on the ground. Being unaware of the outbreak, he was caught by surprise when several zombies (and the body he thought dead) started to attack him. Backing in to an alleyway, Leon stumbled onto another survivor named Claire Redfield, who had arrived to the city in search of her missing brother, Chris. Together, Leon and Claire decided to seek refuge within the R.P.D.'s headquarters, but before arriving there, they get separated when the police car Leon jumps in gets destroyed after a close encounter with a zombie inside the police cruiser he was driving. Both of them barely got out of the vehicle alive before a truck driven by an infected driver crashed into it.

During his probe of the Raccoon City Police Station, Leon meets another survivor named Ada Wong, a woman who claimed she was looking for her missing boyfriend, John Clemens. They soon developed a bond, and Leon even took a bullet for her, fired by Annette Birkin. Leon and Ada managed to fight against most of the enemies, but soon, Ada is wounded by a mutated William Birkin's claw. During that time, Leon found out from Annette Birkin that Ada was actually a spy, and only came to steal the G-Virus. However, Leon doesn't believe this until Ada tells him herself. Some time later, Ada saves Leon's life when he is cornered by T-00. She shoots the Tyrant on its back to get its attention, successfully doing so. She is then attacked, grabbed and raised up by the tyrant, in which she then retaliates by shooting three gunshots into its face, making the Tyrant fall into an Iron smelting pit. However, Ada was severely wounded in the process. She then told Leon the truth about everything. Ada shortly falls unconscious, which Leon mistakes for death. However, at the near end, Ada helps Leon by giving him a rocket launcher to help him defeat the now mutated T-00. Leon is reunited with Claire, and the two (along with William and Annette Birkin's daughter, Sherry Birkin) make their escape through a secret railway and then escape via the train, leaving the mutated William to be destroyed in the self-destruct sequence.

Starlight incident

Sometime after the Raccoon City incident, Leon; as a member of an underground anti-Umbrella organization, was sent to eliminate a prototype B.O.W. that was believed to be among the passengers and crew of the luxury ocean cruiser, the Starlight. Upon his arrival, Leon discovered that there had been a t-Virus outbreak on board. At some point, Leon met a young survivor named Lucia, and fought a good candidate for the B.O.W.: a large gray humanoid who could produce tentacles from its abdomen and transform into an amoeba. After 24 hours without contact, fellow operative Barry Burton was sent to find Leon. He was eventually found unconscious.
Leon y Barry

After he and Barry saved Lucia from the B.O.W. again, Barry left Lucia with Leon. When they saw Barry on one of the security camera's talking to Umbrella, who had contacted him on the way there, they found him, and Leon was seemingly betrayed by Barry. While Barry and Lucia were on an Umbrella-owned submarine, Leon killed the B.O.W., who was trying to destroy the ship's fuel converter, by blowing him into the steam ducts. Afterwards, Barry and Lucia found Leon. In the end, Leon, along with Barry and Lucia, killed the real B.O.W., a fully-grown parasite that had been removed from Lucia's body, with a hail of gunfire. Leon, Barry and Lucia escaped the Starlight on an emergency boat as the cruiser began to crumble from the extensive damage it had received. As the ship sunk behind them, Leon contacted the anti-Umbrella organization to report the mission's success. While he reported back, a small cut on Leon's neck was shown to be bleeding green blood, revealing him as a second shape-shifting B.O.W.. What happened to the real Leon is not revealed, though it is heavily implied he perished aboard the sunken Starlight cruiser.


Leon appears in the game as the protagonist, and a playable character.

Further notes

  • The English manual incorrectly describes Leon as being a member of S.T.A.R.S.




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