Leon and Chris' Conversation is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 4 of Chris Story.


Inside the aircraft, Chris respond to Leon that he is all right. Leon and Helena were all right, but things just got real bad at Lanshiang. The missile Carla had set to explode over China turned the entire city into a literal hell-scape, with hordes of flesh-eating zombies now shuffling through the streets. Right then, Chris is contacted by his comrade Leon, who tells that he rescue Sherry and the young man with her, Jake Muller in the Underwater facility. Jake, who carries antibodies for the C-Virus, is quite possibly the last hope for humanity; and moreover, he is the actual son of Albert Wesker as Chris shocked. He agrees to Leon's intention, but Chris have something to tell him; Ada, who Chris had reported dead (which confuses that Carla was dead). Leon replies, "Copy", and then tell Chris that Sherry and Jake need him, so don't let them down. As Chris nodded yes, he and Piers then proceed to the Chinese Waters.


Chris: "Leon!? Leon, are you all right?"
Leon: "Yeah... But things just got bad. Real bad!"
Chris: "Damn it!"
Leon: "Chris, listen to me. I need you to rescue two hostages from an underwater oil field. Agent Sherry Birkin...and Jake Muller. He's Albert Wesker's son."
Chris: "Wesker!?"
Leon: "Chris, he's got antibodies for the C-Virus."
Chris: "I got it. On my way."
Leon: "Good. Thanks."
Chris: "Leon, wait. There's something I need to tell you."
"Ada Wong is dead."
Leon: "Copy. Sherry and Jake need you. Don't let them down."

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