Leon gets Ben's card (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


In this cutscene, Leon S. Kennedy approaches Ben Bertolucci after he has been killed by the T-00. Leon finds the interview transcript on Ben's belt and proceeds to play it.


Leon S. Kennedy: "...Huh?"

Unknown male voice (through interview transcript): "...But that doesn't explain the rumors about the orphanage. I-I just find it way too coincidental Umbrella's one of the benefactors."

Annette Birkin (through interview transcript): "You told me this interview was about the new scholarship Umbrella set up."

Unknown male interviewer: "Come on, Annette. Nobody cares about that. They wanna know about the G-Virus, and the-"

Annette: "Where did you hear about this?"

Unknown male interviewer: "-and that big fucking sinkhole in the city which, by the way, rumor has it goes straight to your underground lab."

Leon "Lab?"

Unknown male interviewer: "Now, are you going to talk to me or are you-"

Annette: "This interview is over."

Unknown male interviewer: "Bitch."

Leon S. Kennedy: "ん?"

Unknown male voice (through interview transcript): "ああ… でも それじゃ何の説明にもなってないと思うがな
アンブレラが例の孤児院を支援してるなんて 偶然とは思えない"

Annette Birkin (through interview transcript): "これはアンブレラが設立した奨学金の取材じゃなかった?"

Unknown male interviewer: "そんなネタじゃ誰も食いつかない みんなG-ウィルスについて知りたいんだよ"

Annette: "どこでその名前を?"

Unknown male interviewer: "しかも町のクソでかい穴ぼこは―― 地下にある あんたの研究所に通じてるんだってな"

Leon "研究所?"

Unknown male interviewer: "なあ 本当のとこを教えてくれよ でなきゃ…"

Annette: "もう話すことはないわ"

Unknown male interviewer: "クソめ"


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