Leon meets Ada (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Leon Scott Kennedy: "Damn. Need a key card..."
"You gotta be kidding me..."
"Agh! Get off of me!"

Ada Wong: "Hey."

Leon: "Who is that?"

Ada: "Stay sharp."
"Lower it."

Leon: "Sorry... Thank you—"
"For your help."

Ada: "Surprised you made it this far."

Leon: "FBI, huh? What's going on here?"

Ada: "Sorry. That information's classified."

Leon: "Where are you going?"

Ada: "Do yourself a favor: stop asking questions and get the hell out of here."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "ダメだ カードキーがいる"
"おい マジかよ…"
"还让不让我活了... クソッ! 離れろ!"

Ada Wong: "そこ"

Leon: "誰だ?"

Ada: "気を抜かないで"

Leon: "どうも ご協力――"

Ada: "よく ここまで来られたわね"

Leon: "FBIだって? 何が起きてる?"

Ada: "悪いけど それは機密情報なの"

Leon: "どこへ行くんだ?"

Ada: "自分の命が惜しいなら くだらない質問はよして ここを出るのね"


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