Leon meets Annette (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


In this cutscene, Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy enter a room to find Annette Birkin crouched over a dead body. After Ada explains that she and Leon are in search of the G-Virus, Annette sets fire to the corpse and flees. Ada and Leon chase after her, but Annette begins firing at them wildly. Leon tackles Ada in order to protect her, but is shot himself in the process. After shooting at Annette, Ada crouches over Leon to help, but he tells her to go after Annette before it's too late.


Annette Birkin: "Definitely William's handiwork..."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Identify yourself!"

Ada Wong: "Annette Birkin."

Leon: "She's who we're looking for?"

Annette: "Not much time... Need to dispose of it..."

Ada: "We're here for the G-Virus!"

Annette: "That's not going to happen."

Ada: "I'm warning you, doctor!"

Annette: "Oh yeah?"

Leon: "Hey!"

Ada: "STOP!"

Leon: "Ada!"

Annette: "You're wasting your time!" *
"You'll never get the G-Virus!"

Ada: "Didn't expect that from a scientist.

Leon: "Forget about me...Just go...Stop her before she gets away..."

 * = cut dialogue lines

Annette Birkin: "ウィリアムがやったみたいね…"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "何者だ?"

Ada Wong: "アネット・バーキンよ"

Leon: "彼女が例の?"

Annette: "時間がない… 早く処分しないと…"

Ada: "G-ウィルスを出しなさい!"

Annette: "それは無理ね"

Ada: "これは警告よ!"

Annette: "あらそう?"

Leon: "おい!"

Ada: "待って!"

Leon: "エイダ!"

Annette: "時間の無駄よ!" *

Ada: "銃があるなんて反則よ

Leon: "俺はいいから 早く行け 彼女を止めるんだ 早く…"

 * = cut dialogue lines


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