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Leon meets Ben (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Ben Bertolucci: "Hello?"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Hey."

Ben: "I don't believe it. A real human."
"Hello, human."

Leon: "You been here long?"

Ben: "Long enough. Are we the last ones alive?"

Leon: "No, no, there's a few of us..."

Ben: "Oh...that's good news, I guess."
"Unless, of course, Irons sent you."

Leon: "Irons...? You mean Chief Irons? Is he still around?"

Ben: "Who cares. Hopefully, he's somebody's dinner by now."

Leon: "What do you mean by that?"

Ben: "He's the bastard that locked me in here."

Leon: "I'm sure he had a good reason."

Ben: "He did."
"I was about to blow the whistle on his dirty ass."
"I'd have done the same thing too, I guess."
"Hey! I'll make you a deal..."
"Unlock this cell and I'll give you this."
"There's no other way outta that parking garage! Believe me!"

Leon: "Sorry... I can't do that. I have to talk to the chief first."

Ben: "Look, we're both prisoners in this station."
"So either we play nice and help each other out—"
"Shit. It's coming."

Leon: "What—what's coming?"

Ben: "C'mon—c'mon, don't be an asshole...OK? You need this!"
"Just get me the fuck outta here!"

Leon: "Oh, my god..."
"Who is that!?"

Ada Wong: "It's just me, so you can put that thing away."

Leon: "I don't even know what happened— It just...happened so quick."

Ada: "I told you to get out of here."
"You wouldn't want to end up like Ben, would you?"

Leon: "You knew him?"

Ada: "He was an informant. Had information of use to my investigation."

Leon "So what he said was true?"
"Hey, you can't keep walking away from me!"
"I don't even know your name!"
"...I'm Leon Kennedy."

Ada: "Find a way out, Leon. Before it's too late. ...Then we'll talk."
"Name's Ada."

Leon: "Well, I guess the deal's on."

Ben Bertolucci: "誰だ?"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "やあ"

Ben: "信じられん 普通の人間だ"
"やあ 普通の人"

Leon: "ずっとここに?"

Ben: "ああ 長かった 残ったのは俺たちだけ?"

Leon: "いや まだ何人かいる"

Ben: "はっ それはいいニュースだ"

Leon: "アイアンズ署長のことか? まだここに?"

Ben: "知るかよ 誰かに食われてればいいが"

Leon: "どういう意味だ?"

Ben: "あいつにぶち込まれた"

Leon: "理由があったんだろ?"

Ben: "ああ そうさ"
"おかげで このザマだ"
"なあ 取引しないか?"

Leon: "悪いが それは無理だ まずは署長と話す"

Ben: "あんたも警察署の囚人みたいなもんだ"
"お互い助け合って 一緒に逃げようぜ"
"クソッ 来やがった"

Leon: "おい! 何が来たんだ?"

Ben: "つべこべ言ってないで逃げるぞ こいつが いるんだろ?"

Leon: "ウソだろ"

Ada Wong: "私よ そんなもの向けないで"

Leon: "一体 何が起きたのか… 一瞬のことで…"

Ada: "ここを出るよう言ったのに"

Leon: "知り合い?"

Ada: "情報提供者よ 私の捜査に必要な情報を持ってた"

Leon "それじゃ この男は…"

Ada: "出口を探すのね レオン 手遅れになる前に また話しましょう"

Leon: "取引成立か"