Leon meets Claire (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Claire Redfield enters Mizoil gas station's convenient store and is greeted by Leon S. Kennedy, who orders her to duck before shooting the zombie lurking behind her. Leon joins Claire outside the store as several zombies surround them and another zombie slams itself against the door. Claire and Leon hastily avoid the zombies and duck into Deputy Daniel Cortini's car. Leon starts the engine and speeds out of the gas station and down the road to Raccoon City.


Claire Redfield: "Don't shoot!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Get down!"
"You alright?"

Claire: "Yeah, I think so... Thanks."

Leon: "You can thank me later, when we're safe."

Claire: "Holy shit..."

Leon: "Come on!
Get in!
Hold on!"

Claire: "What the hell is going on?"

Leon: "I don't know... Hopefully, they'll have some answers at the police station."

Claire: "Wait, you're a cop?"

Leon: "Yeah, Leon Kennedy. You are...?"

Claire: "Claire—Claire Redfield."

Leon: "Live around here?"

Claire: "No, looking for my brother. He's a cop, too."

Leon: "Well, it's a good thing we found each other."
"I don't know what to expect anymore..."

Claire Redfield: "撃たないで!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "しゃがめ!"

Claire: "ええ 何とか… ありがとう"

Leon: "礼を言うのは まだ早そうだ"

Claire: "何なの これ?"

Leon: "こっちだ!"

Claire: "何が起きてるの?"

Leon: "分からない… 署に行けば 何か分かるかもな"

Claire: "あなた警官?"

Leon: "ああ レオン・ケネディ 君は?"

Claire: "クレア… クレア・レッドフィールド"

Leon: "この町の人?"

Claire: "いいえ 兄を捜してるの 彼も警官"

Leon: "とにかく 出会えてよかった"
"この先 一体どうなるか…"


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