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Leon meets Kendo (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Robert Kendo: "Don't move!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "I'm not gonna hurt you—"

Robert: "I said DON'T MOVE!"

Leon: "I'm just passing through. I'm going to ask you to lower that weapon."

Robert: "Like hell you are!"
"You're going to turn around, and go right back out the way you came in."

Leon: "I think your daughter needs help, sir."

Robert: "Don't tell me how to deal with my daughter."

Ada Wong: "Drop it!"

Robert: "No! Wait!"

Ada: "Step aside. We need to terminate her before she turns."

Robert: ""Terminate"? That's my fucking daughter!"

Leon: "Ada... Just let them be."

Kendo: "Emma, sweetheart, I told you to stay put..."

Emma Kendo: "Daddy...?"

Robert: "Yeah, Emmie. Daddy's here. I'm here, OK?"
"Those fuckin' things outside... Look what they did to us."
"You're a cop. You're supposed to know something—how did this happen!? HUH!?"
"She was our sweet little angel..."

Emma: "Mommy...?"

Robert: "Mommy's sleeping, honey, OK?"
"And I'm gonna put you to bed too, OK?"
"Just go... Just give us some privacy."

Leon: "You know, it's one thing to keep the truth from !"
"...But why him?"
"I want to find out what's happening here. And stop whoever's behind it."
"Helping people like them... that's why I joined the force."

Ada: "My mission is to take down Umbrella's entire operation. We may not make it out."

Leon: "Whatever it takes to save this city...count me in."

Robert Kendo: "動くな"

Leon S. Kennedy: "何もしない"

Robert: "動くなって言ってんだろうが!"

Leon: "ここを通り抜けたいだけだ 銃を下ろしてくれ"

Robert: "うるさい…!"
"さっさと向こうを向いて 今 来た扉から出て行け!"

Leon: "その子 症状が出てる"

Robert: "黙れ 娘のことは お前には関係ないだろ"

Ada Wong: "銃を捨てて"

Robert: "よせ! やめろ!"

Ada: "そこをどいて その子が変わる前に処理しないと"

Robert: "処理だと? 俺の娘なんだぞ"

Leon: "エイダ もういいだろう"

Kendo: "エマ そこを出るなと言ったろ"

Emma Kendo: "パパ?"

Robert: "ああ ここにいる パパだ いいな?"
"あの連中に やられたんだ 家族みんな…"
"あんた警官だろ? なんでこんなことになったんだ? なんで俺たちがこんな目に遭う!? なあ!"

Emma: "マ…マ?"

Robert: "ママは眠ってるんだ いいね?"
"そろそろ お前も寝かさないとな"
"さっさと行けよ 娘と二人にしてくれ"

Leon: "彼には真実を知る権利がある"
"何が起きてるのか教えてくれ こんなこと止めないと"
"あんな人たちを救いたくて 俺は警官になったんだ"

Ada: "私の任務はアンブレラを止めることなの 命がけになる"

Leon: "この町を救うためなら何だってやる"