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Leon rescues Ada (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Leon Scott Kennedy: "Come on..."

Ada Wong: "OVER HERE!"

Leon: "Ada..."
"I was getting worried there for a sec..."

Ada: "I can't get it out."

Leon: "I don't know if I should, uh..."

Ada: "Just do it. I can't walk like this."

Leon: "OK... It's gonna hurt."
"Hold on..."

Ada: "I can do it myself."

Leon: "Just...relax, OK?"
"So...what do we do now?"

Ada: "Get yourself out of here. While you still can."

Leon: "I'm not just going to leave you. Not like this."

Ada: "You don't understand. The situation's worse than I thought."

Leon: "You're not getting rid of me that easy..."
"You protected me. Now it's my turn."

Ada: "Didn't realize we were keeping score..."

Leon: "Grab my shoulder."

Ada: "Don't push it, rookie."

Leon: "OK... Just trying to help."
"Watch your step."

Ada: "You want to help? We have to get to the NEST."

Leon: "NEST?"

Ada: "Umbrella's lab. Right beneath us."

Leon: "Annette let it slip. That's where the virus samples are."
"You up for this?"

Leon: "Think I can fit it in my schedule."

Ada: "Come on, we got work to do."

Leon: "Yes, ma'am."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "早く!"

Ada Wong: "こっちよ"

Leon: "エイダ"

Ada: "自分じゃ抜けない"

Leon: "俺だって無理だ"

Ada: "やって これじゃ歩けないわ"

Leon: "分かった こらえろよ"

Ada: "自分でやれる"

Leon: "いいから楽にして"
"それで? これからどうする?"

Ada: "あなたは逃げて 逃げられるうちに"

Leon: "君を置いてけない こんな状態で"

Ada: "思ってた以上に状況が厳しいのよ"

Leon: "そう簡単に引くかよ"

Ada: "そこまで張り合うわけ?"

Leon: "つかまって"

Ada: "調子に乗らないで"

Leon: "助けようとしただけだ"

Ada: "助けたいならNESTへ行きましょう"

Leon: "你想帮忙对吧? 我们必须去母巢。"

Ada: "アンブレラの研究所 この下にある"

Leon: "アネットが言ってた ウィルスのサンプルがあるって"
"どう? つきあう?"

Leon: "他に予定もないしね"

Ada: "行くわよ やることがいっぱい"

Leon: "了解"