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Leon talks to Claire on the monitor (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.



Leon Scott Kennedy: "Who's that?"

Claire Redfield: "Leon? You're down here too!?"

Leon: "Yeah. But the whole place is coming down."
"Listen to me. You need to get out. Fast!"

Claire: "Yeah. There's a way out."
"We can make it!"
"Where are you now?"

Leon: "Claire!? You still there?"

Claire: "Leon? Hey Leon, you're breaking up..."

Leon: "Forget about me! Just get out of here!"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "あれは…"

Claire Redfield: "レオン? あなたなの?"

Leon: "ああ でも ここはもうもたない"
"よく聞け 脱出するんだ 今すぐ!"

Claire: "ええ 脱出路はある"

Leon: "クレア 聞こえるか?"

Claire: "レオン? よく聞こえない"

Leon: "俺にかまうな 早く脱出しろ!"
"あぁ クソッ!"