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Leon vs. Chris[1] is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 4 of Leon's Story.


After the chase concludes, they got to a room just in time to see Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans cornering her, whom they believed to be the one responsible for the deaths of Chris' men and the outbreaks that have occurred. Chris had his assault rifle aimed and ready to shoot when Leon knocked it out of his hands to prevent him from killing her. They had a brief struggle, ending with the two pointing their guns at each other. Leon told Chris to put his gun down, saying that she was a "key witness" and they needed her, but Chris refused and abstractly told Leon that she is the one who did all this (referring to the global bio-terrorist attacks). Leon disagreed, saying that it was Simmons who was really responsible. Chris yelled that he lost all of his men because of "Ada," and Leon responded that he lost over seventy thousand people including the president because of Simmons. After a tense moment, Carla managed to escape with a flash bomb, and Chris pursued her with no intention of harming her after Leon's words. Helena asked Leon that they can rely on Chris and Leon answers that he's been to this as long as he trust him. Leon and Helena then made their leave to find Simmons.


Leon: "Chris!"
Chris: "Leon? What are you doing here?"
Leon: "Put your gun down, Chris. She's a key witness, We need her."
Chris: "A witness?! She's the one who did all this!"
Leon: "It wasn't her - It was Simmons, the National Security Advisor."
Chris: "I lost all of my men because of her!"
Leon: "And I lost over 70,000 thousand people! Including the President, because of Simmons!"
Chris: "She's working for Neo-Umbrella. You know what that means?"
Leon: "Yeah, I do."
Chris: "And you still going to protect this woman?"
Leon: "I am."
Piers: "Damn it!"
Leon: "Helena!"
Helena: "He's gonna kill her!"
Leon: "Chris, wait! We both want the same thing here."
Chris: "All right. The BSAA will handle Ada. You take care of Simmons."
Leon: "Chris. I know you'll do the right thing."
Helena: "Are you sure we can rely on him?"
Leon: "He's been to this as long as I have. I trust him."
Helena: "All right."
Leon: "Come on. Let's find Simmons."

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