Leon with Claire (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon A and Claire B scenarios.


Leon meets Claire again in Police Station and tells her that Chris is not here after all. After gave her a diary, he also tells her to split up search any survivors. Leon also gave her a radio, so that they can contact each other on it.


Claire Redfield: "Leon!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "It's good to see you're still among the living. It looks like we're not gonna find your brother here after all."

Leon: "There's no reason for us to stay any longer than necessary. Let's split up; look for any survivors, and get outta here!"
Claire: "Right!"
Leon: "One last thing: here's a radio. Take it. That way we can keep in touch if anything happens."

Claire Redfield:「レオン」

Leon S. Kennedy 「無事でよかった だが君の兄さんはここにはいないようだぜ」

Leon:「この街にもう用はない 手分けして生存者を探して― ここを離れよう」
Leon:「それから これは通信機だ 何かあったら連絡を」


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